Manneken-Pis pays tribute to the victims of the 22 March attacks

To mark the commemoration of the Brussels bombings, the Manneken-Pis statue in Brussels has been dressed as a firefighter.

This suit was offered in 2017 by Brussels firefighters in memory of the work of the rescue teams during the attacks at Zaventem airport and at the Maelbeek metro station. To pay tribute to the victims, a delegation of firefighters-paramedics will observe a minute of silence in front of the Manneken-Pis Friday at 11:00.
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A brief history of singular ‘they’

The Oxford English Dictionary traces singular they back to 1375, where it appears in the medieval romance William and the Werewolf.
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Beto O’Rourke Addresses Whether He’ll Reunite Mars Volta If He Becomes President

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Christchurch mosque shootings: Website Kiwi Farms refuses to surrender data linked to accused

Moon shot back: "Is this a joke? I'm not turning over information about my users.

"The person responsible for posting the video and manifesto PDF is myself."

He continued: "I feel real bad for you guys, you've got a quiet nation and now this attack is going to be the first thing people think of for the next 10 years when they hear the name New Zealand, but you can't do this.

"Tell your superiors they're going to make the entire country and its government look like clowns by trying to censor ...
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Howard J. Fezell, Former NRA Director, Exposed As Member of Identity Evropa

Howard J. Fezell posted as “Singleton Mosby – WV” in Identity Evropa’s “Nice Respectable People Group” Discord server. Fezell, who is 66-years-old, was formerly a director and board member of the National Rifle Association and remained with the right-wing organization until he and others were ousted by Wayne LaPierre and his loyalists in the late 1990’s. Fezell has previously been in trouble with the Maryland Bar Association, and appears to be living in West Virginia now.
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Leaked Memo Shows Kickstarter Senior Staffers Are Pushing Back Against Colleagues' Union Efforts

Tuesday afternoon, a contingent of Kickstarter employees went public with their intention to unionize under the name Kickstarter United. According to an email provided to Gizmodo, however, senior staffers at the crowdfunding company are already attempting to push back against their fellow employees’ plan to make Kickstarter the first major tech firm to have a union.

“The effort to unionize Kickstarter hasn’t felt transparent or fair,” the dissenters wrote in an all-staff memo ...
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GOP Maine lawmaker says offering free pads and tampons would make jails like 'country clubs'

A Republican state lawmaker in Maine recently opposed a measure offering free menstrual hygiene products in the state’s correctional system, saying it would make jails like “country clubs.”

Rep. Richard Pickett of Dixfield spoke out against the plan to offer comprehensive access to tampons and pads during a hearing held by the legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, The Maine Beacon reported this week.

Pickett, who is a current police chief, voted against the ...
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Live: EU grants Brexit delay until 22 May if MPs approve withdrawal deal next week, 12 April if not

The EU has agreed to a plan to delay Brexit until 22 May 2019, if MPs approve the withdrawal agreement approved next week.

If Ministers do not back the deal then the EU will agree to a shorter delay until April 12.

EU Council President Donald Tusk wrote in a Tweet: "EU27 unanimously agrees on its response the UK's request" and that he would now meet with May.
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'It’s a Car in a Very Small Tunnel': Actual Transportation Professionals Unimpressed With Musk's Boring Company

At the behest of their board, who apparently didn’t want to discuss billion-dollar train tunnels without exploring other options, top Virginia transportation officials went to California to ride in The Boring Company’s silly car tunnel.
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A Growing Problem in Real Estate: Too Many Too Big Houses

Large, high-end homes across the Sunbelt are sitting on the market, enduring deep price cuts to sell.

That is a far different picture than 15 years ago, when retirees were rushing to build elaborate, five or six-bedroom houses in warm climates, fueled in part by the easy credit of the real estate boom. Many baby boomers poured millions into these spacious homes, planning to live out their golden years in houses with all the bells and whistles.

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Amid Mumps Outbreak, Temple Offering Vaccinations

As a mumps outbreak continues to grow at Temple University, school health officials said Thursday they will offer free vaccinations to students and staff.

Temple's health clinic will offer the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine on Wednesday and Friday of next week. The vaccinations will be doled out on a walk-in basis and will be free. All students and staff will need to present is their school ID.

The outbreak caused U.S. Senator Bob Casey to postpone his town hall meeting at the ...
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Trump officials prepared to stonewall Democratic oversight demands

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler wrote to the White House last month demanding information about President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to fund the construction of a southern border wall.

Yet Nadler’s Feb. 22 deadline came and went with no response. Not only did the Democratic congressman not receive the documents he wanted, he didn’t even receive a customary letter back from the White House acknowledging his request.

It was just one example of the Trump White ...
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'Nones’ now as big as evangelicals, Catholics in the US

In a shift that stands to impact both religion and politics, survey data suggests that the percentage of Americans who don’t affiliate with any specific religious tradition is now roughly the same as those who identify as evangelical or Catholic.

According to newly released General Social Survey data analyzed by Ryan P. Burge of Eastern Illinois University, Americans claiming “no religion” — sometimes referred to as “nones” because of how they answer the question “what is your ...
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Charlottesville Schools Close After 4Chan Threat

Schools in Charlottesville, Virginia, were closed Thursday after someone threatened on the anonymous social site 4chan to launch an attack on Charlottesville High School.

An anonymous poster claiming to be a student at the school threatened an “ethnic cleansing” there that would take place on Thursday, according to the message on 4chan reviewed by HuffPost. Other users goaded the poster, announcing, “School shooting tomorrow.” The messages reportedly were forwarded to local authorities ...
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Alleged mail bomber Cesar Sayoc pleads guilty

A Florida man suspected of sending more than a dozen pipe bombs to prominent critics of President Donald Trump last year pleaded guilty on Thursday.

Cesar Sayoc entered the plea Thursday before a federal judge in Manhattan. He had previously pleaded not guilty.

“I know that these actions were wrong and I'm sorry" Sayoc said through tears.

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Colton Fears Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

A Houston man has been sentenced to five years in prison in Florida for his role in an armed confrontation with protesters following a speaking engagement by Richard Spencer on Oct. 19, 2017.

Police arrested Colton Fears, his brother William Fears and Tyler TenBrink after Spencer’s ill-received speech on the University of Florida campus. According to police reports, the Fears brothers began yelling praises of Adolf Hitler and throwing up Nazi salutes from the window of their Jeep, which drew ...
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Kentucky Governor Bevin exposed his 9 kids to chickenpox, says vaccine not for everyone

In a move experts say is medically unsound — and can be dangerous — Gov. Matt Bevin said in a radio interview Tuesday that he deliberately exposed all nine of his children to chickenpox so they would catch the disease and become immune. 

“Every single one of my kids had the chickenpox," Bevin said in an interview with WKCT, a Bowling Green talk radio station. "They got the chickenpox on purpose because we found a neighbor that had it and I went and made sure every one of my kids was ...
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Trump mulls deploying emergency disaster workers to detention centers

President Trump is considering deploying a 1,000-person force usually used for relief efforts after hurricanes and other natural disasters to help staff overcrowded detention centers for migrants, according to people briefed on the matter.

The highly unusual move could diffuse the cost of sending additional personnel to assist with detention centers dealing with a wave of migrants who are being held after crossing the U.S. border.

“It frees up more resources,” said a source familiar with ...
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US judge halts hundreds of drilling projects in groundbreaking climate change ruling

In the first significant check on the Trump administration’s “energy-first” agenda, a US judge has temporarily halted hundreds of drilling projects for failing to take climate change into account.

Drilling had been stalled on more than 300,000 acres of public land in Wyoming after it was ruled the Trump administration violated environmental laws by failing to consider greenhouse gas emissions. The federal judge has ordered the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which manages US public ...
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Homophobe boxer caught on video: Adrien Broner threatens to shoot gays

According to TMZ and Yahoo Sports, this is part of an explosive online exchange between Broner and “ex-gay” social media personality Andrew C. Caldwell of St. Louis, who made a name for himself by claiming “I’m not gay no more, I am delivert!” Viral video of his “conversion” has more than 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Their feud has been escalating since Caldwell, who has 96K followers on Instagram, sent Broner a direct message. Broner threatened him for sliding into his DMs: ...
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