Cave find shows Neanderthals collected seafood, scientists say

“I feel myself uncomfortable with the comparison between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens, because the bottom line is Neanderthals were Homo sapiens too,”
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ISIS warns terrorists to avoid Europe until coronavirus passes

ISIS has warned its terror organization to stay clear of Europe until coronavirus is under control.

Would-be martyrs learned of the travel ban in the ISIS newsletter al-Naba just before the weekend got underway, according to outlets including Homeland Security Today.

The newsletter reportedly urges ISIS’ operatives outside of Europe not to enter the continent while asking supporters and insurgents already there not to leave.

Terrorists serving the Islamic State are also reminded to ...
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Gangs call curfews as coronavirus hits Rio favelas

The “baile funk” dance parties have been called off. Some open-air drug markets are closed for business. Gangs and militias have imposed strict curfews. Coronavirus is coming, and Rio de Janeiro’s lawless favelas are gearing up for the onslaught.

City of God, a sprawling complex of slums made famous in a hit 2002 movie of the same name, registered the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Rio’s favelas over the weekend.

Now, with the state government woefully underfunded and ...
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Trump keeps touting an unproven coronavirus treatment. It’s now being tested on thousands in New York.

New York is moving at unprecedented speed and scale in a human experiment to distribute tens of thousands of doses of anti-malarial drugs to seriously ill patients, spurred by political leaders including President Trump to try a treatment that is not proved to be effective against the coronavirus.

With no proven treatment for the coronavirus, and infections in New York topping 30,000, health experts say the Food and Drug Administration has moved with uncommon speed to authorize New York’s ...
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Christian journal claims government has forced the Church to worship ‘the false god of saving lives’

full text of the most evil thing I've read, so you don't have to give them a click:

At the press conference on Friday announcing the New York shutdown, Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “I want to be able to say to the people of New York—I did everything we could do. And if everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy.”

This statement reflects a disastrous sentimentalism. Everything for the sake of physical life? What about justice, beauty, and honor? There are many things more ...
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Newest Shortage in New York: The City Is Running Out of Dogs to Foster

Of all the shortages created by the coronavirus pandemic -- the toilet paper and the hand sanitizer and the bottled water -- the oddest of them all has to be dogs. Oh, and cats too.

That’s right, in the New York city area, the epicenter of the disease, there is suddenly a run on pets. At least of the adopted or fostered kind. Muddy Paws Rescue and Best Friends Animal Society are reporting shelters they work with are either all out of or almost out of cats and dogs after a surge in ...
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Police in India use force on coronavirus lockdown violators

Dramatic photos and videos show how police across India are using extreme force against violators of the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

Baton-wielding cops wearing surgical masks can be seen in the images and footage from Wednesday beating those breaking the rules.

On Tuesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown to stem the spread of the potentially deadly virus — and declared that no one will be allowed to leave their homes.

“To save ...
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State GOP spent $100k to qualify Montana Green Party for the ballot

A mystery of the 2020 election was solved Tuesday as it became clear the Montana Republican Party paid for an effort to qualify the Montana Green Party for the ballot this election.

Earlier this year paid petitioners appeared in Montana's larger cities gathering signatures to qualify the Greens to run candidates this cycle, even though the Montana Green Party has made clear it did not do any work to qualify for the ballot this year and had not planned to run any candidates.

At that ...
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Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz: 'Stay at home'

Gov. Tim Walz issued an executive order Wednesday asking Minnesotans to stay in their homes unless absolutely necessary, his most dramatic action to date to slow the coronavirus pandemic in the state.

The “stay-at-home” order, to begin at 11:59 p.m. Friday, is based on models developed by the Minnesota Department of Health and the University of Minnesota that suggest that the state will run out of hospital intensive care capacity before infection rates peak — leaving many Minnesotans ...
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Statewide stay-at-home order in effect for Colorado until April 11

Gov. Jared Polis issued a statewide stay-at-home order Wednesday afternoon. It went into effect 6 a.m. Thursday and will last until April 11.

An alert sent to cellphones indicated the order goes into effect at 8 a.m. Thursday, but the governor's office confirmed it starts at 6 a.m.

Many Coloradans, including the vast majority of people in metro Denver, live in counties where stay-at-home orders have already been announced.

Polis said he is issuing the order to save Coloradans' lives.
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Senate approves historic $2 trillion stimulus deal amid growing coronavirus fears

The Senate on Wednesday approved a historic, $2 trillion stimulus package to provide a jolt to an economy reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, capping days of intense negotiations that produced one of the most expensive and far-reaching measures Congress has ever considered.

In a remarkable sign of overwhelming bipartisan support for the legislation, the vote was unanimous at 96-0.
The legislation represents the largest emergency aid package in US history and the most significant ...
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Ohio lawmakers sets all-mail primary election through April 28; legal challenge still possible

Ohio lawmakers on Wednesday approved a plan for an all-mail primary election running through April 28, the state legislature’s fix to wrap things up after the original March 17 Election Day was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The bipartisan plan, approved unanimously by the House and Senate, would send postcards to every Ohioan with instructions on how to apply for an absentee ballot. Anyone who hasn’t cast an early ballot already would have to print off a paper application, or ...
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Woman coughs on $35K of goods at Pennsylvania grocery store in ‘very twisted prank’

A Pennsylvania woman ruined an estimated $35,000 worth of goods by intentionally coughing all over them while the coronavirus plagues nations worldwide, a grocery store alleged on Facebook.

The woman visited a Hanover Township location of the small grocery chain Gerrity’s Supermarket before 2:20 p.m. Wednesday and coughed on fresh produce, a small section of the bakery, meat case and grocery items, the store’s co-owner Joe Fasula wrote.

Authorities do not believe the woman, whose name ...
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3.3 Million File For Unemployment Claims, Shattering Records

The previous high was 695,000 in October of 1982." The Labor Department's records go back to 1967.
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Banks Agree to Mortgage Grace Period as 1 Million Californians File Jobless Claims

California Governor Gavin Newsom delivered a dose of good news for homeowners on Wednesday, announcing the nation’s largest banks will voluntarily freeze mortgage payments for 90 days on families mired in the Covid-19 crisis.

Newsom said the agreement is the result of weeks of negotiations with the heads of banks like Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, JPMorgan Chase and Citi as well as over 200 state banks and credit unions. The nonbinding agreement won’t have an income restriction, but applicants ...
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Maryland Election Board Recommends No In-Person Voting

The Maryland Board of Elections is planning to do away with polling stations for the state's already delayed primary. Voters would instead be required to mail in or drop off their ballots in an effort to limit coronavirus infections.

If approved, the move would eliminate any need for Maryland's more than 4 million registered voters to cast their ballots in person on June 2, according to a draft presented by elections officials at their Wednesday meeting, held by teleconference.
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U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie plans to vote 'no,' threatens to hold up coronavirus stimulus bill

A Congressman from Kentucky plans to vote "no" on the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, which the Senate passed 96-0 Wednesday evening.

U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie, a Republican who represents Kentucky's 4th District, also hinted that he might object to a voice vote in the House of Representatives, which would force all members to return to Washington, D.C. and slowdown movement on the bill.

Massie told 55 KRC radio Thursday morning he plans to reject the measure — which ...
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Older Convicts May Get Home Confinement as Barr Protects Prisons

The Justice Department will allow more older, nonviolent federal inmates to be placed in home confinement in order to cope with rising coronavirus cases affecting the federal prison population, Attorney General William Barr said.

Barr told reporters Thursday that he’s directed the Bureau of Prisons to increase the use of home confinement for elderly prisoners following infections that have caused some federal prisons to be locked down, including the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New ...
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U.S. to Take Stakes in Airlines in Exchange for Grants, Mnuchin Says

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin indicated that the U.S. government would take stakes in airline carriers in exchange for billions of dollars in direct grants to the companies, as part of a $2 trillion economic rescue package, according to people familiar with the matter.
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Trump Campaign Threatens Lawsuits Over Coronavirus 'Hoax' Ad

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is threatening to file lawsuits against local news outlets in several battleground states if they continue to air a political ad showing his attempts to downplay the coronavirus.

Priorities USA, a liberal super PAC, crafted the ad entitled “Exponential Threat,” and it splices audio of Trump from recent weeks as he made dismissive comments about COVID-19’s severity. At the same time, a visual graphic charts the escalation of case numbers in ...
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