EPA staff worried about toxic chemical exposure — for Pruitt

Then-EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's staff sought to protect him from exposure to toxic formaldehyde from an office desk last year, emails show — just months before his top political aides blocked the release of a report on health dangers from the same chemical.
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NFL, NFLPA agree to freeze anthem rules for now

With the Miami Dolphins facing backlash after submitting required paperwork to the NFL that included potential disciplinary measures for player protests during the national anthem, the league has decided to hit pause on its new policy, sources told ESPN.

The league and the NFL Players Association issued a joint statement Thursday that said "no new rules relating to the anthem will be issued or enforced for the next several weeks" while both sides continue to hold discussions to figure out how ...
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Death toll climbs to 17, including children, in Missouri duck boat accident

[warning - contains autoplaying video of the boat capsizing]

A tourist duck boat capsized in a lake near Branson, Missouri, killing at least 17 people, including children, as severe thunderstorms struck the area Thursday night, the Missouri State Highway Patrol said.

Seven others were injured when the boat plunged into Table Rock Lake, officials said.

"Our thoughts and prayers right now are with these family members," Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said Friday morning, calling the accident a ...
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Roseanne Barr Posts Screaming, Bizarre Apology for Racist Tweet: 'I Thought the Bitch Was White'

“I thought the bitch was white!” she said, getting even louder. “Goddamnit, I thought the bitch was white. F—!”
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Trump says stock market gains since election give him opportunity to wage a trade war: 'We’re playing with the bank's money'

President Donald Trump said the stock market rally since his election victory gives him the opportunity to be more aggressive in his trade war with China and other countries.

“This is the time. You know the expression we’re playing with the bank’s money,” he told CNBC's Joe Kernen in a “Squawk Box” interview aired Friday.

The president has a big cushion. The S&P 500 is up 31 percent since Trump's win on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016, through Thursday. The market's gain has slowed ...
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Pro-Gun Activists Are Following Parkland Teens Around the Country in an Armored Vehicle

VICE News reports that a group of local gun rights activists called the Utah Gun Exchange showed up at the Salt Lake City stop of a nationwide, pro-gun control tour organized by survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. According to VICE News, the Utah Gun Exchange people have been following the Parkland students around the country in “a military-style armored vehicle” and holding their own counter-protests.

In a segment on the forum run by the Parkland students, VICE ...
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It's 2018 And There's Nothing Wrong With Dating A San Francisco 49er

It was a little jarring to see today’s TMZ video of porn actress Kiara Mia and football player Jimmy Garoppolo enjoying a fancy dinner in Beverly Hills last night. A date with a San Francisco 49er? Couldn’t she do so much better?
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Fred Hiatt Commissions White Nationalist to Write Egregiously Dishonest Article Advocating Ethnic Cleansing

Like 99% of “originalism,” this is law office history: that is, not history at all, but cherry-picked factoids intended to buttress a pre-determined conclusion. It would hardly suffice to displace the clear meaning of the text, interpreted the same way by consensus for more than a century, even during periods of intense anti-immigrant sentiment.
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Merkel says Europe can't rely on U.S. to impose world order

BERLIN (Reuters) - Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday she was right to say a year ago that Europe could no longer rely on the United States to impose order on the world, and that it needed to take matters close to home into its own hands.
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Michael Cohen Secretly Taped Trump Discussing Payment to Playboy Model

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, secretly recorded a conversation with Mr. Trump two months before the presidential election in which they discussed payments to a former Playboy model who said she had an affair with Mr. Trump, according to lawyers and others familiar with the recording.

The F.B.I. seized the recording this year during a raid on Mr. Cohen’s office. The Justice Department is investigating Mr. Cohen’s involvement in paying women to tamp ...
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Gaffe as civil service magazine prints poster telling parents to shoot rabid children

The civil service made an eye-popping error after accidentally publishing a satirical poster encouraging parents to shoot their children if they suspect they have contracted rabies.

The current issue of Civil Service Quarterly features the poster - produced by the fictional council of Scarfolk - on page 20.

The department declined to comment on the incident when contacted by Sky News, but said a statement might be published "today or tomorrow".
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“An almond doesn’t lactate:” FDA to crack down on use of the word “milk”

The US Food and Drug Administration seems to have soured on nondairy milk-alternative products that use the term “milk” in their marketing and labeling—like popular soy and almond milk products.
In a talk hosted by Politico, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced Tuesday that the FDA will soon issue a new guidance on the use of the term. But he added that products aren’t abiding by FDA policies as they stand now. He referenced a so-called “standard of identity” policy that ...
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Meat and dairy companies to surpass oil industry as world’s biggest polluters, report finds

Meat and dairy companies are on track to be the world’s biggest contributors to climate change, outpacing even the fossil fuel industry, according to a new report.

To arrive at this conclusion, non-profit organisations the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and GRAIN conducted an analysis of the planet’s 35 largest meat and dairy companies.

They found that broadly speaking the companies were being secretive about their emissions data and few had set hard targets intended to deal ...
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Government Healthcare Is Saving My Mum's Life

When she was diagnosed, I found myself constantly writing about it in my head in a distinct Writing Voice. All thoughts about it came into my head already written in online essay-ready sentences—about how fucking unfair this was; what it was like being back in my childhood bedroom for the worst reason; memories of mum’s mum, the indomitable Nana, dying of cancer; along with much, much darker thoughts. Maybe it was because I had recently read a beautiful article on Pitchfork about the songs ...
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UK using child spies in police operations

British authorities are deploying children as spies in covert policing and security operations, a new UK parliamentary report revealed.

Some of the minors tasked with gathering intelligence are under 16, the report by a House of Lords review committee said.
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Trump, Late Night, and the Motif of Harmful Sensation

One of the best tropes in horror is the motif of harmful sensation: something is so awful to look at or to be exposed to that it will drive a person mad or even kill anyone that comes in contact with the big bad book/art/song. Stephen King’s “1408,” Lovecraft’s Necronomicon, or Monty Python’s “Funniest Joke Ever Written” all center on people whose grip on reality and physical well-being are imperiled by even being aware of something. Perfect website TV Tropes named this phenomenon ...
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Trump flags and hats made in China are reportedly being held up at customs as trade war heats up

Trump-themed flags and hats made in China are reportedly being held up at US customs amid an intensifying trade war.

Textile suppliers who export their goods to the US told China's state-run tabloid Global Times their products have been delayed at US customs, which is affecting their sales.

"Usually the goods only take 10 days to reach US customers. Now it is taking 15 days or longer," Wu Yuepei, a manager at Qiwang Textile Product, told Global Times.

Yao Dandan, a manager at flag maker ...
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Two men charged with stealing more than $8 million in rare books from Carnegie Library

A former Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh archivist and a respected Oakland antiquarian bookseller “cannibalized” rare books from the institution by cutting out pages and stole more than $8 million worth of precious items over a 20-year period, according to the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office.

It ranks as one of the largest library thefts in history.
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Rahm Emanuel Ditches Meeting in Cafe When Confronted by Black Lives Matter Protesters

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wasn’t expected to appear at a meeting with Illinois gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker at a cafe in Chicago Thursday morning. But when Black Lives Matter activists invited to the meeting by Pritzker showed up, there he was.

The meeting was supposed to be a chance for mothers who have lost children to police violence in Chicago to discuss their concerns with the candidate. The group included Dorothy Holmes, the mother of Ronald “RonnieMan” Johnson, killed by ...
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Fact check: Linux developer accused of pedophilia in fake blog posts

The first post of 2018 began, “I’m a connoisseur of certain material that is illegal in my country Denmark, possession of which can land you in prison and your life ruined,” and devolves from there.

A number of Redditors immediately denounced the developer and his project, but Reddit moderators have since proved the blog posts are fake. They’ve also closed comments on several threads in order to prevent further trolling.
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