Romanian court tells man he is not alive

Constantin Reliu asked the court in the town of Barlad to overturn a death certificate obtained by his wife after he had spent more than a decade in Turkey, during which time he was out of contact with his family. The court told him he was too late, and would have to remain officially deceased.

“I am officially dead, although I’m alive,” a bemused Reliu told local media outlets. “I have no income and because I am listed dead, I can’t do anything.”
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Police launch murder inquiry over death of Nikolai Glushkov

Police have launched a murder investigation into the death of the Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov after a pathologist concluded he died from compression to the neck, suggesting he may have been strangled by hand or ligature.

The Metropolitan police’s counter-terrorism command is retaining its lead role in the investigation “because of the associations Mr Glushkov is believed to have had” but has cautioned that there was no suggestion of a link with the attempted murders of the ...
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Kansas: Secretary of State's witness can't support claim that illegal votes helped Hillary Clinton

Jesse Richman endured a blistering critique Tuesday of his estimate of 18,000 noncitizen voters in Kansas and said he couldn’t support claims by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote because more than 3 million illegal ballots were cast in the 2016 presidential election.

Richman, who teaches political science at Old Dominion University, testified as an expert witness for Kobach in a trial over the state’s voter registration law. Kobach, who is ...
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Tennessee legislators decline to pass resolution denouncing neo-Nazism

A House committee declined to pass a resolution that stated Tennessee denounces white nationalism and neo-Nazism.

The sponsor, Rep. John Ray Clemmons, D-Nashville, didn't receive a second motion to proceed with discussing the resolution in the House State Government Subcommittee on Wednesday.

"I'm in utter disbelief at what just happened," Clemmons said after the meeting. "I didn't think there was anything controversial about this resolution."

He said he had expected the resolution would be ...
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Mike Pence chided for closed event with gay Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar

Pence also had a St. Patrick's Day breakfast in March 2017 with Enda Kenny, the Irish prime minister at the time. The difference this year could possibly be Varadkar's visibility as an openly gay man as well as Pence's long record of opposing issues important to the gay and lesbian community.

People are speculating whether issues such as gay and lesbian rights and Pence's stance on gay-conversion therapy might be discussed at their meeting. For instance, the Human Rights Campaign, ...
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Comedian James Adomian: SNL Has a Problem With Casting Gay Men

In a wide-ranging interview at SXSW, the funniest political impersonator working today opens up about the state of comedy, ‘fat idiot’ Alec Baldwin, and his issues with SNL.
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Robert Mueller Has Likely Crossed Trump's 'Red Line.' Now What?

It looks as though he’s decided that everything with which this president* is involved is so irredeemably corrupt and lousy with dirty money that trying to split the difference between which corruption was involved with the campaign, and what dirty money financed it, is an impossible rat’s nest to untangle. So the easiest thing is to light a match and see what burns in what color flame.
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Look At This Goddamn Photo Of LeBron James

Lebron James, with no regard for human life.
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Time After Capitalism

Forget Karl Marx’s old saw about hunting in the morning, fishing in the afternoon, and criticizing after dinner — for many, simply going to bed when we are tired and waking when we are rested is the stuff of utopian, post-capitalist fantasy. A hundred years after the United States adopted daylight savings time — a contrivance developed to extract maximum labor power from workers — we might indulge in some musings on how a different society would make time for workers.

Our world ...
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Welcome to Powder Mountain – a utopian club for the millennial elite

This makes me so angry I can’t even talk.
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Chairlift Becomes Possessed By Satan, Wigs The Fuck Out

If you’ve ever been skiing, you know that falling off the chairlift is everyone’s worst nightmare. Ah, but what if I told you there’s a whole other KIND of worst chairlift nightmare, one in which the chairlift cries out FUCK THIS, shifts into Hard Reverse, and begins depositing skiers onto the bottom of the mountain at four billion miles an hour?
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Vanessa Trump reportedly files for divorce from Donald Trump Jr.

According to the New York tabloid, unnamed sources expressed concerns over changes in Trump Jr.’s behavior, including his Twitter activity. Last month, Trump Jr. liked tweets pushing conspiracy theories about a survivor of the Parkland, Florida, shooting.
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Stormy Daniels’s Lawyer Says 6 More Women Have Come Forward With Trump Stories

On Thursday, the attorney representing adult-film star Stormy Daniels — Michael Avenatti — told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he has been approached by six other women who allege having similar stories about President Donald Trump.
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MSNBC commentator: If Stormy Daniels was threatened, it could ‘bring down this presidency’

"Is it fair to say, legal aside, if Stormy Daniels comes out and says that she was...physically threatened harm by either the president himself or somebody very close, that, and it seems to be credible, that, in and of itself would bring down this presidency, with what is going on in the world right now," Deutsch said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

He urged others on to think about what that could mean.
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The KISS fans assembled here got, what would ostensibly be a very special treat—an acoustic jam session with both Gene and (estranged KISS member) Ace Frehley. Unfortunately, what is actually on display here is the worst guitar dick-around imaginable. Picture those dudes you knew from your dorm in college who would get together to fart around on acoustic guitars but they could never actually get in the same key or play an entire song together and it would just annoy the piss out of ...
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Donald Trump Is the New George W. Bush

In major respects, Trump’s presidency is following outlines chalked out by Bush, the cowboy-in-chief whose populist appeal was enhanced by his belligerent foreign policy. On issues ranging from torture to immigration to abortion, Trump is reviving the bad old days of the Bush administration. (Bush even imposed tariffs on steel, a largely forgotten appeal to the American manufacturing industry that shows just how unoriginal Trump supposed iconoclasm really is.) Trump is no deviation, no ...
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Here Is Ryan Zinke Making a Complete Fool of Himself

“Oh, konnichiwa,” Zinke said, smiling, using a term normally meant for the afternoon. “I think it’s still ‘ohayo gozaimasu’ [good morning], but that’s okay,” Hanabusa responded, after a brief but painful silence.
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George Lucas breaks ground on new 'Millennium Falcon-shaped' museum

Filmmaker George Lucas broke ground on the site of his new Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday.

The 73-year-old director and producer, known for Hollywood franchise hits like "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones," said he wanted to create a museum to honor visual storytelling and that it will embrace a diverse range of art forms.

"I believe in all kinds of art. And I believe all kinds of art have a right to exist. I think it's important to have a museum that I used ...
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James Levine, Fired Over Abuse Allegations, Sues the Met Opera

The conductor James Levine sued the Metropolitan Opera for breach of contract and defamation on Thursday, three days after the company he defined for more than four decades fired him when an investigation found he had “engaged in sexually abusive and harassing conduct.”

The lawsuit, filed in New York State Supreme Court, states that Mr. Levine “has clearly and unequivocally denied any wrongdoing in connection with those allegations,” and paints his firing as a result of an effort by ...
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Facebook apologises for search suggestions of child abuse videos

Facebook has been forced to apologise after it spent hours suggesting bizarre, vulgar and upsetting searches to users on Thursday night.

The social network’s search suggestions, which are supposed to automatically offer the most popular search terms to users, apparently broke around 4am in the UK, and started to suggest unpleasant results for those who typed in “video of”.

Multiple users posted examples on Twitter, with the site proposing searches including “video of girl sucking dick ...
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