Imprisoned Neo-Nazi Leader Says His Hate Group Is a Religion, Court Says No

A federal appeals court has ruled that Matthew Hale’s hate philosophy, Creativity, isn’t a religion because it focuses almost exclusively on preserving the white race and lacks a coherent set of “ultimate ideas.”

The court’s decision means the Federal Bureau of Prisons can continue to restrict the mail and possessions of Matthew Hale, the neo-Nazi leader of a group now known as the Creativity Movement.

Hale, the self-described “Pontifex Maximus” of the World Church of the ...
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Furious conservatives throw away Gillette razors in protest over advert

People are really mad that a razor company said you shouldn't beat your wife
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Nancy Pelosi uninvites Trump from the State of the Union until the shutdown is over

The State of the Union address, since the start of modern budgeting in 1977, has never been delivered during a shutdown, Pelosi said. And during the 19th century and through Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, it was actually delivered in writing. Pelosi focused most of her attention on security. She pointed out that in September 2018, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen designated State of the Union addresses as “national special security events” (NSSEs) that need “the full resources ...
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Table Talk Pies has a rogue Twitter account, and no one knows who’s behind it

Take a quick glance at Table Talk Pies' Twitter account and at first, everything seems normal.

But a closer look reveals some strange inconsistencies.

“the honorable, pumpkin is 3 for $1 today”

“as the sun shines regardless, may luck be ever on the side with you!! #StPatricksDay2018 #pies #lucky”

“have not only a lemon but i smile! #threeforonedollar”

Soon, it becomes apparent that there’s something off about the company’s tweets. Sometimes they’re not written in complete ...
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Here Are the Media Chuds Joining Fake Gawker

Gawker, a good website which was bankrupted in 2016 and then sold last year to Bryan Goldberg, a man committed to face-tuned photos of himself, creating shitty media companies powered by exploited labor, and spouting Richard Spencer-like bullshit about immigrant birth rates on Facebook, will be relaunched early this year. It will be led by Amanda Hale, who was most recently in charge of strategy and growth at the now-shriveled website the Outline. The staff—Carson Griffith, Ben Barna, Maya ...
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Driver's non-apology for car accident hits Pittsford boy hard

Julian Moore was riding his bicycle in his neighborhood along Kilbourn Road on Sept. 7 when he collided with the passenger side of the white Range Rover that was attempting to pass him on the left.

The boy went down. He screamed. Neighbors ran to his aid. An ambulance was called. Julian was released with minor scrapes and bruises and a mangled Diamondback bike. His mother said he was later diagnosed with a mild concussion.

Behind the wheel was Lamb, who had just finished a round of golf at ...
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We're Working Nurses to Death

"Every time you're at work, it’s a bad day. There isn’t a chance of having a light day anymore.”

“What’s causing the overwork is the increased acuity of patients,” says Susan Letvak, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro School of Nursing. “You are only in a hospital if you are so acutely sick that you can barely move. The minute you can move, you are kicked out the door.”

"The push is to get everybody out of the hospital as fast as we can,” echoes ...
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Man treated in hospital after injecting himself with own semen

A 33-year-old man required medical treatment at a Dublin hospital after repeatedly injecting himself with his own semen in an unusual attempt to treat his longstanding lower-back pain.
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Has the Government Legalized Secret Defense Spending?

While a noisy Supreme Court fight captivated America last fall, an obscure federal accounting body quietly approved a system of classified money-moving
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House Democratic leaders try to avert further censure vote on Rep. Steve King after resolution condemning him passes

House Democratic leaders were working Wednesday to defuse efforts to censure Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) for racial comments because of concerns that it might set a dangerous precedent for policing members’ speech.

Censure is the most serious sanction for a House member short of expulsion, and it has been imposed only six times in the past 100 years. Prompted by King’s recent comments to the New York Times questioning the offensiveness of the terms “white nationalism” and “white ...
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Steve King Votes in Favor of House Resolution Condemning His Own Racist Comments

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 424 to 1 to condemn racist language used by its member, Steve King, an Iowa Republican. During a recent New York Times interview, King asked the reporter, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization—how did that language become offensive?”

The opposing vote wasn’t King, who voted “aye” to the resolution citing his words, and which concluded “that the House of Representatives once again rejects White nationalism and White ...
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John Engler to resign as Michigan State University interim president

John Engler will resign as interim president of Michigan State University, multiple sources told the Free Press on Wednesday.

The move comes hours after the board set a special meeting for early Thursday morning with the intent to fire him, the sources said.

Engler has been under heavy criticism for the past year, since he took over for Lou Anna Simon, who herself resigned under heavy criticism for her handling of the Larry Nassar sexual assaults scandal...

The latest round of criticism came ...
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When Fungi Fight Back

A mushroom species was found to sense predators and sent warning signals to other parts of its body, but how it does that remains a mystery.
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Before there were internet rappers, there was Canibus

The correct answer to the question “Who was the first rapper to make their own website?” is undoubtedly lost to history. In all likelihood, it was probably some Stanford student in 1992 who went on to become the CEO of a tech company. What is certain, however, is that the first rapper marketed to the public as having built their own website was Canibus.
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Sackler Family Led Effort to Mislead Public About OxyContin, Opioids, Emails Show

Members of the Sackler family—owners of the OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma—directed years of efforts to mislead the public about the opioid, according to previously undisclosed documents. An email from 2001 shows that, when evidence of growing abuse of the painkiller became clear, former company President Richard Sackler instructed executives to try to push blame onto people who had become addicted. “We have to hammer on abusers in every way possible... They are the culprits and the ...
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Mysterious Washington Post parody predicts Trump’s resignation

A sophisticated, fake Washington Post is being distributed online and in print in the nation’s capital today.

This morning, commuters at Union Station were offered free copies of the paper, which purports to tell of Donald Trump’s resignation. The lead headline blares, “Unpresidented: Trump hastily departs White House, Ending Crisis.”
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How Two Murderers Were Spotted on an Old Mark Jackson Trading Card

If you were an enormous fan of Mark Jackson circa 1990, and you wanted to buy his trading card on eBay in the last few months, you were out of luck.

Turns out eBay doesn’t let you buy anything “affiliated with murders or serial killers.”
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Ending Ban on Pell Grants for Prisoners Is Said to Yield ‘Cascade’ of Benefits

The report, published on Wednesday by the Georgetown Law School’s Center on Poverty and Inequality and the Vera Institute of Justice, describes a domino effect: With access to Pell Grants, it says, more incarcerated people could afford to take college classes while in prison. When they are released, they’d be less likely to reoffend and more likely to look for work. Businesses would have a larger pool of potential job applicants, the report says, and more former prisoners would get ...
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Netflix being sued for $25 million over ‘Black Mirror’ Bandersnatch episode

The company that publishes the “Choose Your Own Adventure” novels is suing Netflix NFLX, -0.51% seeking $25 million in damages over an episode of its “Black Mirror” series.

The Rutland Herald reports that in the federal suit filed Friday, the Waitsfield, Vermont-based company Chooseco claims Netflix violated its trademark with “Bandersnatch,” a recent episode of “Black Mirror.”

“Bandersnatch” uses a format similar to those of the books, allowing viewers to choose among ...
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Roku Pulls InfoWars Channel After Attracting Social Media Scorn

Earlier in the day, Roku had adopted a neutral stance, saying its customers could choose to control which channels they download or watch.

“While the vast majority of all streaming on our platform is mainstream entertainment, voices on all sides of an issue or cause are free to operate a channel. We do not curate or censor based on viewpoint,” Roku initially said in a statement.

Once technology publications like Digiday and TechCrunch reported that InfoWars had found mainstream ...
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