Just another reminder that Margret Thatcher was a fucking monster

Margaret Thatcher suggested threatening Iraq with chemical weapons after the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, declassified documents show.
The formerly top secret correspondence was between the then UK prime minister and US defence secretary Dick Cheney.
Mrs Thatcher told Mr Cheney the US should consider retaliating "in like manner" if Iraq used chemical weapons.
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He didn’t like the AT&T trucks parked in front of his home. So he shot them.

An angry homeowner in Hialeah is accused of shooting two AT&T bucket trucks that were parked in front of his home on July 19, 2017. No one was hurt and charges are pending against the 64-year-old man. Hialeah Police Department
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As subways suffer, Cuomo plans choreographed bridge lights

"So, literally, you’ll have bridges all across the New York City area that are choreographed — nothing like this has been done on the planet,” Cuomo told reporters in January.

Now, amid daily reports of infrastructure failures and the governor’s sliding poll numbers, the Cuomo administration will not even say how much the lighting scheme will cost — except to dispute early, internal estimates it could cost more than $350 million — or where that money will come from.

“This is ...
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Edibles Are The Next Big Thing For Pot Entrepreneurs

Edibles today are mostly candies, from dosed gummy bears to lollipops, where taste is an afterthought. And usually people are buying those edibles in windowless dispensaries where it can still feel very much making an illicit transaction.

Matt Fosburg, founder of Ez THC, believes that’s poised to change and that there will soon be a market for high-end cannabis candy. With a background in retail design and candy making, Fosburg wants to bring the trappings of high-end retail — quality, ...
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Mink owner reeling over 'absolute chaos,' thousands of dead animals

Investigators, who now include the FBI, believe more than one person dismantled the exterior fence at Lang Farm between 10:30 p.m. Sunday and 5:30 a.m. Monday. Lang and a slew of neighbors and regional mink farmers spent hours rounding up live mink using nets. But Lang estimates more than half the animals are dead.

Investigators believe the vandals parked about a half-mile away from the farm on a township road, then released all the mink from their cages, according to Stearns County Sheriff ...
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Burundi Robotics Team Vanishes After U.S. Competition

The six teenagers were last seen in Washington on Tuesday night near the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall, where the robotics competition took place. The team’s mentor, Canesius Bindaba, reported their disappearance after he returned to the dormitories where they were staying, assuming the teenagers had taken a different shuttle bus after the closing ceremony.

It appears the students left of their own accord, event officials said in a statement. Their dorm keys were ...
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The Senate Just Confirmed an Anti-Gay Blogger to the Federal Judiciary

During his confirmation hearings, Bush repeatedly misrepresented his previous statements, tiptoeing right up to perjury. Twenty-seven LGBTQ rights groups signed a letter opposing his nomination while both Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America urged moderate Republican senators to vote no. But in the end, Republicans followed the party line and elevated Bush to the 6th Circuit by a margin of 51-47. (In addition to McCain, Democrat Debbie Stabenow also did not vote.)

Thursday’s ...
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Rep. Susan Davis, three other House Dems sued for displaying Pride flag

It's that guy who keeps suing to marry his laptop, suing to ban pornography, all that dumb shit.
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White County Inmates Given Reduced Jail Time If They Get A Vasectomy

Inmates in White County, Tennessee have been given credit for their jail time if they voluntarily agree to have a vasectomy or birth control implant, a popular new program that is being called “unconstitutional” by the ACLU.

On May 15, 2017 General Sessions Judge Sam Benningfield signed a standing order that allows inmates to receive 30 days credit toward jail time if they undergo a birth control procedure.
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White Nationalist Matthew Heimbach Pleads Guilty to Disorderly Conduct

White nationalist Matthew Heimbach pleads guilty to disorderly conduct in the assault of a protester at a 2016 campaign event for Donald Trump in Louisville, Kentucky.

Despite insisting he was following the directions of Donald Trump during the assault, white nationalist Matthew Heimbach has had a change of heart and pleaded guilty.

Heimbach, 26, was originally charged with harassment with physical contact, a misdemeanor, when he screamed and yelled at Kashiya Nwanguma and repeatedly pushed ...
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Elon Musk says he got 'verbal govt' approval for Hyperloop between NY and DC

The beleaguered transit system in the Northeast may receive a boost from one of the most ambitious entrepreneurs in the world.

Elon Musk tweeted Thursday that The Boring Co. received "verbal" government approval to begin building an underground Hyperloop, saying it would take 29 minutes to go from New York to Washington.

"Just received verbal govt approval for The Boring Company to build an underground NY-Phil-Balt-DC Hyperloop," Musk said.
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After Trump attacks, Jeff Sessions plans to keep serving as attorney general 'as long as that is appropriate'

Jeff Sessions said he plans to continue serving as attorney general "as long as that is appropriate" – despite President Trump's extraordinary attacks that sparked speculation about his fate and that of Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading the Russia investigation.

"We love this job. We love this department," Sessions told reporters Thursday.

Slamming Sessions once again for recusing himself from the investigation into Russia's interference the presidential election, Trump told The ...
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One in eight people who voted for Trump having second thoughts - Reuters/Ipsos poll

About one in eight people who voted for President Donald Trump said they are not sure they would do so again after witnessing Trump's tumultuous first six months in office, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll of 2016 voters.

While most of the people who voted for Trump on Nov. 8 said they would back him again, the erosion of support within his winning coalition of older, disaffected, mostly white voters poses a potential challenge for the president. Trump, who won the White House with the ...
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CBO: Obamacare repeal bill would raise number of uninsured by 32 million by 2026

A new official analysis released Wednesday finds that repealing much of Obamacare without a replacement law would increase the number of people without health insurance by 32 million people, double insurance premiums in the individual plan market and leave most of the United States without an insurer selling such plans by 2026.

The report comes as Republican leaders in the Senate, desperate to pass some kind of health-care law, have said that next week they might consider a possible Obamacare ...
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Newaygo Co. woman found guilty in murder of husband

Family members said the couple’s pet, an African grey parrot named Bud, seemed to replay the murder by mimicking what sounds like an argument between a male and female.

In a video the family said it took several weeks after the incident, the bird says, “Don’t f—ing shoot.”

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Deutsche Bank agrees to hand over Trump records to investigators — and they may contain Russia probe info

Deutsche Bank has agreed to hand over records of its financial dealings with President Donald Trump after months of stalling and insistence that the records are confidential and privileged information.

Vanity Fair‘s Bess Levin wrote on Thursday that the German company was one of the last banks on Wall Street willing to do business with Trump after his long line of bankruptcies and unpaid debts.

Deutsche Bank loaned Trump hundreds of millions of dollars when no one else would. Now banking ...
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Kill it with fire

The vine robot, developed by researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Stanford University, is able to extend itself up to 72 metres and wiggle through tight spots (including inside the human body) .

It even managed to lift a crate weighing 70 kilograms.
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Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Has Committed Suicide

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has died. TMZ reports that the singer committed suicide by hanging in a private residence in Palos Verdes Estates in Los Angeles. He was found this morning. Bennington was 41.

Bennington was born in Phoenix, and he survived sexual abuse as a child. As a teenager, he had issues with drug dependency. He formed the grunge band Grey Daze in 1993, and he released three albums with the band before leaving in 1998. In 1999, he auditioned to join Linkin Park ...
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Afghan soldiers are using boys as sex slaves, and the U.S. is looking the other way

Last summer, an Afghan police commander invited me to his post for tea — and to view his “beautiful” boy sex slave.

I stumbled through a farm of chest-high opium poppy stocks to reach his mud-and-wattle outpost on the outskirts of Tarin Kot, the capital of southern Uruzgan province that is teetering in the face of a Taliban upsurge. On its open roof, a slight teenager sat next to his hulking captor, stealing sad glances at me as he quietly filled our tea glasses. A shock of auburn curls ...
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Black travelers often bring home an unwanted souvenir: racist abuse

Last week, 22-year old American college graduate Bakari Henderson was beaten to death by a group of men while vacationing in Greece. Police say the confrontation erupted over his taking a selfie with a female bartender, but his friends say the young man was “minding his own business” before the group attacked him. It was heartbreaking to read how a young man apparently went from enjoying a drink with friends in a bar to having been senselessly killed.

As a black woman and avid traveler who ...
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