Dutch city uses penis fountain to rebel against art project

Fountain which squirts when toilet is flushed made in protest against use of non-local artists for Leeuwarden project.
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House Democrats Line Up to Vote en Masse for Totally Unnecessary 'Blue Lives Matter' Bill

Civil rights groups have denounced the Protect and Serve Act. In a Tuesday letter to members of Congress, more than two dozen groups, including the ACLU, Human Rights Watch, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, called the bill “superfluous,” and said it would negatively impact law enforcements’ relationships with the communities they are supposed to serve:

First, police already have substantial protections under federal and state law, rendering this bill superfluous. Second, this ...
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The Incel Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

I am a cuck, I am a cuck.
I shall never get the chance to fuck.

Shall I try negging? Do I dare to read a book?
I shall advocate rape and cultivate a juggalo look.
I have heard the females, talking reasonably.

I do not think that they will talk to me.
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The FBI Informant Who Monitored the Trump Campaign, Stefan Halper, Oversaw a CIA Spying Operation in the 1980 Presidential Election

So as it turns out, the informant used by the FBI in 2016 to gather information on the Trump campaign was not some previously unknown, top-secret asset whose exposure as an operative could jeopardize lives. Quite the contrary: his decades of work for the CIA – including his role in an obviously unethical if not criminal spying operation during the 1980 presidential campaign – is quite publicly known.
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'Solo' is the worst 'Star Wars' movie since 'Attack of the Clones,' according to critics

Business Insider's Jason Guerrasio said that "Solo's" third act lags and that it's the first "Star Wars" movie to make him worried about franchise fatigue.

"The conclusion of the movie is stale, filled with clichés, and tries too hard to set the foundation for future 'Solo' movies by featuring one of the most random cameos you'll ever see in a movie," Guerrasio said in his review.

He's not the only one underwhelmed with "Solo." Rolling Stone's Peter Travers said the movie was "dull" and ...
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Hispanic protesters rally with Mariachi band outside hate-filled lawyer Aaron Schlossberg's NYC apartment

For a third straight day, New Yorkers vented their deep disgust toward hate-spewing lawyer Aaron Schlossberg — this time, by celebrating their Hispanic heritage in full force.

Around 500 people gathered outside the angry attorney's W. 60th St. apartment building Friday waving flags from Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico, while a five-piece mariachi band played "La Cucaracha" to the crowd — who gripped maracas with Schlossberg's face on them.
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Another day, another school shooting.

Ten people have been killed and 10 wounded in a shooting at a Texas high school that ended with a 17-year-old suspected shooter, a student at the school, surrendering to the authorities.
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Pack of small dogs mauls woman to death

A pack of vicious small dogs mauled an Oklahoma woman to death, according to reports.

Tracy Garcia was standing outside her home last week when what are believed to be her neighbor’s six standard dachshund and terrier mixes and one border collie mix suddenly attacked her — leaving her with injuries so severe, she later died.
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White, straight and Christian: Dallas County candidate admits rewarding his kids if they marry within race

Vickers “Vic” Cunningham, a former criminal district judge now in a Republican runoff for Dallas County commissioner, acknowledged Friday that he set up a living trust with a clause rewarding his children if they marry a white person.

Cunningham spoke to The Dallas Morning News about the trust after his estranged brother, Bill Cunningham, came to the paper earlier this week saying his brother had been a lifelong racist.

Vic Cunningham denied harboring racial bigotry but did confirm ...
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The mind-boggling corruption of Trump Inc.

Then there is the Russia investigation. As David Klion writes, the thing to remember about "Russiagate" (an unfortunate appellation, but one which seems to have stuck) is that Russia as such is only an incidental part of the story. Nearly all the major players are American, and if Russian efforts to influence the election did actually succeed to some degree, it's only because America's democratic institutions are rotten nearly to the core. Nations meddle in each other's elections all the time, ...
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EarSeeds.com, The Auriculotherapy Specialists

The benefits of ear seeds have been known for centuries,

and it has never been easier to experience.
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Trump Administration to Tie Health Facilities’ Funding to Abortion Restrictions

Clinics that provide abortions or refer patients to places that do would lose federal funding under a new Trump administration rule that takes direct aim at Planned Parenthood, according to three administration officials.

The rule, which is to be announced Friday, is a top priority of social conservatives and is the latest move by President Trump to impose curbs on abortion rights, in this case by withholding money from any facility or program that promotes abortion or refers patients to a ...
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The Onion’s Brutal Israel Commentary Goes Beyond Satire

On Monday, as the United States celebrated moving its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, thousands of Palestinian protesters were shot by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at the border fence separating Israel and Gaza. At least 60 Palestinians died as a result, and the seemingly never-ending conflict between Israel and Palestine was once again at the top of the international news. On May 16, the front page of the New York Times displayed a poignant image of the Gaza landscape, the sky ...
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Federal records show Melania Trump received up to $1M in photo royalties last year - NY Daily News

Melania Trump's modeling days apparently aren't completely behind her.

The First Lady has raked as much as $1 million in royalties from photos of herself since her husband took office, according to federal records.

The 48-year-old ex-model revealed in her husband's mandatory financial disclosure forms made public Wednesday that she received between $100,001 and $1 million in royalty payments from Getty Images last year.

Stephanie Grisham, the First Lady's spokeswoman, declined to comment on ...
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Trump's company earned $40M from Washington hotel in 2017, disclosure shows

The president's income from his company's hotel in Washington, D.C. topped $40 million last year, according to a copy of his annual financial disclosure report released on Wednesday, making the property a clear winner among a portfolio which showed mixed results.

The Trump International Hotel, located less than one mile from the White House, has emerged a favorite of the Washington power players, including lobbyists and interest groups since its opening in October 2016.

President ...
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The US Senate votes in favor of restoring the FCC's net-neutrality rules

The US Senate on Wednesday voted narrowly in favor of reinstating the Federal Communications Commission's net-neutrality rules, a surprising move that could lead to the reversal of one of the Trump administration's most controversial policies involving America's tech industry.

Three Republicans joined with all 47 Democrats and two Democratic-leaning senators to back the measure.

Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana, a Republican who voted in favor of the measure, said that for him the decision came ...
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Alabama Gov. Ivey stands her ground on gay rumors pushed by State Rep: "It

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) -- Governor Kay Ivey is standing her ground amid suggestions that she is gay, made Tuesday by an openly lesbian Democratic state representative. Ivey called the claims a “disgusting lie.”

Tuesday, District 54 Rep. Patricia Todd tweeted that she had "heard for years" that Ivey was gay. In a sit down interview with CBS 42, Ivey called the speculation untrue.

"it's disgusting because they're not telling the truth "I don't have a clue [where this came from] but i ...
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Trump’s personal attorney solicited $1 million from government of Qatar

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, solicited a payment of at least $1 million from the government of Qatar in late 2016, in exchange for access to and advice about the then-incoming administration, according to the recipient of the offer and several others with knowledge of the episode.

The offer, which Qatar declined, came on the margins of a Dec. 12 meeting that year at Trump Tower between the Persian Gulf state’s foreign minister and Michael Flynn, who became ...
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Bumble Bee CEO Charged With Fixing Canned Tuna Prices

U.S. prosecutors filed a criminal charge Wednesday against the CEO of Bumble Bee Foods as part of an ongoing investigation into price fixing in the packaged seafood industry.
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Wyoming sovereign citizen killed in shootout with police

Sunday, May 6, 2018, was not a typical afternoon for two police officers responding to a citizen’s complaint of a man teaching a 3-year old child how to drive a car within the city limits of Casper, Wyoming.

As officers Jacob Carlson and Randi Garrett arrived at a dirt lot near Fairdale Park, they never suspected the adult male suspect would suddenly turn violent without provocation.

The suspect, later identified as David P. Wolosin, 38, of Casper,refused to talk when police ...
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