Could Multiple Personality Disorder Explain Life, the Universe and Everything?

We know empirically from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) that consciousness can give rise to many operationally distinct centers of concurrent experience, each with its own personality and sense of identity. Therefore, if something analogous to DID happens at a universal level, the one universal consciousness could, as a result, give rise to many alters with private inner lives like yours and ours. As such, we may all be alters—dissociated personalities—of universal consciousness.
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After Spending $575 Million On Teacher Evaluation, Gates Foundation Says, “Oops”

The Gates Foundation came out with a report this morning admitting that their heavy-handed, and expensive, focus on teacher evaluation was a failure.

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The 'supply-and-demand model of labor markets is fundamentally broken,' and that's why you're not getting a pay raise anytime soon

We have full employment in the US and the UK but extremely low wage growth.
The "gig economy" is structured to keep wage levels down even when there are shortages of workers.
Underemployment — part-time work — has replaced the role that mass unemployment used to play in the US and the UK.
Work now creates inequality, and workers know they cannot get ahead merely by working.
That has political consequences: It makes the minimum-wage level one of the most important political issues.
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This is how many people we’d have to send to Proxima Centauri to make sure someone actually arrives

The chances of success, according to Heritage, do not reach 100 percent until the initial crew has 98 settlers, or 49 breeding pairs. “We can then conclude that, under the parameters used for those simulations, a minimum crew of 98 settlers is needed for a 6,300-year multi-generational space journey towards Proxima Centauri b,” say Marin and Beluffi.

That’s interesting work that sets the stage for more detailed simulations. For example, fertility rates in deep space may turn out to be ...
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Human Prolapse to Resign as Superintendent of Boston Schools After Sharing Student Info With ICE

The lawsuit stems from the deportation of a student from East Boston High School. Evidence used by federal officials in his deportation proceedings included information from a school incident report generated prior to his arrest.

The student, while at East Boston High School, had been involved in a confrontation with another student, but it never became physical because school employees stepped in.

School police, however, wrote up an incident report, which the groups say included ...
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Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she was kicked out of Virginia restaurant because she works for Trump

It’s becoming increasingly hard to dine in public if you’re a member of the Trump administration complicit in carrying out the president’s agenda.

On Friday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant because of her role in the administration.
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Bethesda sues Warner Bros over a Westworld mobile game that is a ‘blatant rip-off’ of Fallout Shelter

The real story is that they made a casual mobile game based on Westworld.
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Netflix PR Head Drops the N-Word, Netflix Drops Him

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix’s PR chief Jonathan Friedland dropped the n-bomb on staffers twice several months ago. Friedland, who was with the company for more than seven years, was fired Friday. The company has not named a replacement to fill his position.
...Just in case you thought Friedland had grown as a person from the incident, there was one more tweet that he fired off and quickly deleted. That one read, “Rise high, fall fast. All on a couple of ...
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George Will, welcome to the Resistance

Amid the carnage of Republican misrule in Washington, there is this glimmer of good news: The family-shredding policy along the southern border, the most telegenic recent example of misrule, clarified something. Occurring less than 140 days before elections that can reshape Congress, the policy has given independents and temperate Republicans — these are probably expanding and contracting cohorts, respectively — fresh if redundant evidence for the principle by which they should vote.

The ...
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Gallery Owner Arrested After Dropping Sculpture Of Giant Drug Spoon At Purdue Pharma

A Stamford art gallery owner was arrested and charged with a criminal misdemeanor and a felony Friday morning after dropping an 800-pound steel sculpture of a bent, burnt heroin spoon in front of Purdue Pharma, a top manufacturer of opioids, and then refusing to remove it.
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Safety driver of fatal self-driving Uber crash was reportedly watching Hulu at time of accident

Police in Tempe, Arizona, have released a new report regarding Uber’s fatal self-driving car crash last March, which reveals that the safety driver Rafaela Vasquez was streaming The Voice on Hulu on her phone at the time of the accident, via Reuters.
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What It’s Really Like to Have a Trust Fund

My parents didn’t discuss money when we were young. Then, when I was 12, they got divorced, and as part of the proceedings, my dad set up a trust fund for me and my siblings. He made sure we knew that it was for school, and that our education was paid for. I’d known pretty early on that I wasn’t going to have to worry about college tuition, and always took it for granted, but that was the first time I heard about trust money. From then on, even before I knew the specifics of what it was, ...
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Murder with Impunity: Where killings go unsolved

The overall homicide arrest rate in the 50 cities is 49 percent, but in these areas of impunity, police make arrests less than 33 percent of the time. Despite a nationwide drop in violence to historic lows, 34 of the 50 cities have a lower homicide arrest rate now than a decade ago.

Some cities, such as Baltimore and Chicago, solve so few homicides that vast areas stretching for miles experience hundreds of homicides with virtually no arrests. In other places, such as Atlanta, police manage to ...
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Newly Discovered ‘Limb Pit’ Reveals Civil War Surgeons’ Bitter Choices

Side by side, in a shallow pit, two soldiers were hastily buried — and along with them, not flowers or mementos, but 11 arms and legs.

The limbs belonged to the fallen soldiers’ comrades, according to archaeologists, and were likely gathered from the amputation tables of deluged Union Army surgeons on a Civil War battlefield and buried there.
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Massachusetts SJC strikes down 'millionaire's tax' ballot question

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has blocked from the ballot a constitutional amendment that would have raised the tax rate on income over $1 million, dealing a fatal blow to the three-year-old initiative to make the state's tax system more progressive.

The ruling by the state's highest court ensures that Massachusetts' flat income tax, which is now 5.1 percent, will remain in place without an additional surcharge on the wealthiest tax filers. The ruling will deny the state an ...
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Mammals Go Nocturnal in Bid to Avoid Humans

Humans, it turns out, can annoy more than just one another. In fact, some animal populations are escaping their Homo sapiens cohabitants by sleeping more during the day, a new study finds.

Mammals across the globe are becoming increasingly nocturnal to avoid humans’ expanding presence, according to the study, published Thursday in Science magazine. The findings show that humans’ presence alone can cause animals across continents — including coyotes, elephants and tigers — to alter ...
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Another Failed Silicon Valley Exec Gets a Crypto Project

LUCAS DUPLAN, WHO founded Clinkle and made it into an object lesson in Silicon Valley overhype, is plotting a return. He has raised money from his family and outside investors for a venture fund focused on backing enterprise-software startups, WIRED has learned. The fund will operate out of New York and has backed at least two companies in which Duplan is involved.

One of those companies is a cryptocurrency project focused on employee rewards called Universal Recognition Token (URT). People ...
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The Utopian Socialists: Charles Fourier

As a visionary, Fourier’s ideas seem quite fantastical and without ground in reality. Indeed, there is much in Fourier’s writing that is pure nonsense. Yes, like some of the representatives of the early French communist movement, Fourier exhibits that almost characteristic pretension of the visionary: contradictory, confused, repetitive, chaotic and, of course, long-winded. Reading Fourier after having read Marx and Engels, Fourier comes off as a confused thinker. For instance, Fourier's ...
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Reps. Ted Lieu and Karen Handel argue over audio of immigrant children played on House floor

Two lawmakers got into a scuffle on the House floor Friday when a Democratic lawmaker defied demands to stop playing audio of crying immigrant children separated from their parents during a speech in the House chamber.
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Expelled Wisconsin student sentenced to 3 years for raping 3 women

A judge on Thursday sentenced a former University of Wisconsin-Madison student to three years in prison for sexually assaulting three female students and choking or stalking two others.

Dane County Circuit Judge Stephen Ehlke also sentenced Alec Cook, 22, of Minnesota to eight years of extended supervision once he's released from prison. Cook pleaded guilty to the charges in February.
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