Octopus Chokes Dolphin to Death in First-Ever Discovery

Nobody ever told Gilligan the dolphin not to bite off more than he could chew.

The male Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin is the first known cetacean to die from asphyxiation by octopus, a new study says.
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2 Koreas to form 1st joint Olympic team, march together in opening ceremony

The rival Koreas agreed Wednesday to form their first unified Olympic team and have their athletes parade together for the first time in 11 years during the opening ceremony of next month's Winter Olympics in South Korea, officials said.

The agreements still require approval from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). But they are the most prominent steps toward rapprochement achieved by the Koreas since they recently began exploring cooperation during the Olympics, following a year of ...
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New alarm among Republicans that Democrats could win big this year

In private conversations, Trump has told advisers that he doesn’t think the 2018 election has to be as bad as others are predicting. He has referenced the 2002 midterms, when George W. Bush and Republicans fared better after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, these people said.
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The Government’s Taxes on Citizens’ Free Time

When will workers see the fruits of the recently passed Republican tax bill? In just a few weeks, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Last Thursday, the agency released updated tax withholding tables for employers, so that the amount taken out of people’s paychecks aligns with the new law. But some Democrats worry that the Trump administration may game the system by taking less than necessary in withholding, giving workers larger paychecks—for now. Workers would have to pay back the ...
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Triggered Snowflakes built a gallows and tried to arrest London's mayor over criticism of Trump

Supporters of President Trump built gallows and attempted a citizens arrest of London Mayor Sadiq Khan Saturday over Khan’s criticism of Trump.

The Washington Post reported that a group of men, led by an anti-Islamic nationalist, brought the gallows out onto the street outside of an event where Khan, the city's first Muslim mayor, was giving a speech on Saturday. The gallows featured a white dragon and read "TAKE BACK CONTROL."

The group interrupted the event ahead of Kahn's speech, ...
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Dem Schachtner beats Jarchow to take Senate seat

MADISON, Wis. — Patty Schachtner defeated Republican state Rep. Adam Jarchow for an open Wisconsin Senate seat Tuesday in an upset victory for Democrats, signaling voter anger toward President Donald Trump that could cost the GOP more legislative seats in the fall election.

Jarchow tweeted his concession to Schachtner late Tuesday evening, with returns nearly complete across five northwestern Wisconsin counties and Schachtner leading by more than 1,600 votes. Schachtner, the St. Croix County ...
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A password for the Hawaii emergency agency was hiding in a public photo, written on a Post-it note

On Saturday, people in Hawaii were awakened by a terrifying false alert about an inbound missile. Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency has said a worker clicked the wrong item in a drop-down menu and sent it, and that its system was not hacked.

"It was a mistake made during a standard procedure at the changeover of a shift, and an employee pushed the wrong button," Gov. David Ige said.

But an Associated Press photo from July that recently resurfaced on Twitter has raised questions about the ...
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After 30 years in U.S., Michigan dad deported to Mexico

His arms wrapped around his wife and two teenage children, Jorge Garcia's eyes welled up Monday morning as he looked into their eyes one last time near the entrance to the airport security gate at Detroit Metro Airport.

His wife, Cindy Garcia, cried out while his daughter, Soleil, 15, sobbed into Garcia's shoulder as they hugged. Two U.S. immigration agents kept a close watch nearby.

After 30 years of living in the U.S, Garcia, a 39-year-old Lincoln Park landscaper, was deported on the Dr. ...
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Spike’s Tactical, a gun company, previewed an ad on its Facebook page that depicts four heavily armed white men standing on the opposite side of a barrier and facing down a group of masked, unarmed antifa protesters. The ad mentions the sites of several political clashes that took place last year, including Berkeley, California; Portland, Oregon; Boston; and Charlottesville, Virginia. In the latter city, neo-Nazis and white supremacists arrived at a rally heavily armed last August, and a ...
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Fox News shelved Stormy Daniels-Trump story before election

Fox News had a story at the height of the presidential election that detailed an alleged sexual relationship between porn actress Stephanie Clifford -- whose stage name is "Stormy Daniels" -- and Donald Trump, but opted not to publish it, four people familiar with the matter told CNN.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Trump attorney Michael Cohen had arranged a $130,000 payment to keep Clifford silent about the alleged relationship in October 2016. Cohen, Clifford, and the White ...
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Law firm that helps employers avoid discrimination complaints is sued for discrimination

A major law firm with deep roots in the Carolinas that specializes in helping employers avoid workplace discrimination complaints has been sued – on accusations of workplace discrimination.

The $300 million class-action complaint against Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart accuses the multinational firm of discriminating against its female attorneys by favoring their male counterparts in promotions and pay.

Male members of the firm also get more credit for attracting new clients even ...
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Pope acknowledges pain of abuse among victims _ and priests

Pope Francis dove head first into the sex abuse scandal that has devastated the Catholic Church's credibility in Chile, apologizing Tuesday for the "irreparable damage" to victims, but also acknowledging the "pain" of priests who have been held collectively responsible for the crimes of a few.

Francis' words were delivered amid unprecedented opposition to his visit: Three more churches were torched overnight, including one burned to the ground in the southern Araucania region where Francis ...
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Saudi Arabia lifts 35-year cinema ban with a screening of…The Emoji Movie

Back in December, we reported that Saudi Arabia had announced that it was putting an end to its 35-year ban on movie theaters, an indication of the declining influence of the country’s conservative religious leaders and an attempt to decrease Saudi Arabia’s economic dependence on oil. Now, Saudi Arabia has held its first public movie screening since lifting the ban, and it couldn’t have possibly picked a cinematic offering more representative of where the modern movie industry is at these ...
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MRAs Make 46-Minute Cut Of ‘The Last Jedi’ That Edits Out All The Women

(Heads up: this post contains spoilers for The Last Jedi. Why are you reading this article if you haven't seen it and, furthermore, WHY HAVEN'T YOU SEEN IT YET?)

It is utterly tragic that MRAs aren’t given the respect they deserve. It’s truly galling that just because their entire worldview was formed around a profound sense of entitlement induced by watching thousands of hours of harem anime, no one takes them seriously. It’s heartbreaking to think that people dismiss them out of hand ...
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Aziz Ansari and the Paradox of ‘No’

Much of the immediate backlash against the Ansari story, then, frames Grace as a kind of walking paradox, simultaneously empowered and weak: Here she is, those framings suggest, the beneficiary of feminism’s hard-fought sexual freedoms, allowing herself, again and again, to be objectified. And, further—here the backlash attempts to locate the story within the current #MeToo movement, and to ironize its premise—to be willingly victimized. “The single most distressing thing to me about ...
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Consensual Tentacle Porn Card Game Will Come Out In May

The card game Consentacle is an awesome exploration of the complexities of sex, as told via interactions between a human and a tentacle monster. True to its name, however, every interaction is aggressively consensual...“Who knows? Maybe sex with an alien or a monster is so mind-blowing incredible that we’ll never want anything else.” In that sense, Consentacle uses the bizarre to try and explore sex broadly.
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OTL: Michigan State among those that enabled serial sex abuser USA Gymnastics national team doctor Dr. Larry Nassar

ANE REMEMBERS THE linoleum floor in the bathroom of Larry Nassar's apartment. She remembers feeling strange as he walked in and handed her gymnastics magazines to read as she lay fully naked in his bathtub. She was 12 or 13; she can't recall exactly.

Nassar, no older than 30 and putting the finishing touches on his medical degree, had called Jane's mother days before, explaining he was doing research about gymnasts' flexibility and wanted her daughter's help. On the day Jane was to ...
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Japan broadcaster sends false North Korea missile alert

Japanese national broadcaster NHK issued an on-air apology Tuesday after issuing an alert incorrectly claiming that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile.

The message, received by phone users with the NHK app installed on their devices, read: "NHK news alert. North Korea likely to have launched missile. The government J alert: evacuate inside the building or underground. "
The broadcaster apologized for the error, adding "the news alert sent earlier about NK missile was a mistake. No ...
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Chris Christie's final acts: Bills he made law and killed, from drones to circus animals

On his last full day in office, Gov. Chris Christie cleared his desk of 150 pieces of legislation Monday. 

The state Senate and state Assembly rushed to approve a long list of bills in the last month before the two-year session ended on Jan. 9. Christie had to decide before he left office on noon Tuesday whether he would sign the pile of legislation on his desk, or do nothing and let it expire — also known as a "pocket veto."

Among the many bill signings, Christie endorsed regulating ...
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Dr. Mathilde Krim, Hero, Mentor, and Warrior Against AIDS, Dies at 91 - Towleroad

Mathilde Krim, the founding chairman of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), who dedicated her life to the fight against AIDS, has died at 91, according to friends.
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