This Company Will Tell You How Well You're Aging

Biotech company Elysium Health just released an at-home DNA test that—supposedly—will tell you how well (or poorly) you're aging
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Straight Pride attracts a crowd of 2

Pride events always attract out-of-town crowds and today’s Straight Pride at Dallas City Hall Plaza was no exception. All two of the participants were here from Boston. Not even Teresa Stephens Richenberger from Liberty City, Texas, the local organizer, who is with Protecting Our Next Generation, appeared. About 20 protesters showed up at City Hall Plaza.
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US election 2020: Obama issues warning to 'revolutionary' Democrats

Former US President Barack Obama has issued a warning to Democratic presidential candidates, cautioning them against policies that are not "rooted in reality".
Mr Obama said Democrats risked alienating voters if they lurched too far to the left politically.
The former president, speaking at a fundraising event, said most voters didn't want to "tear down the system".
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Blood 'cleaning' treatment which pulls disease from body using magnets ready for human trials

Deadly conditions like leukaemia, sepsis and malaria could be drawn from the body using magnets, after a British engineer designed a blood filtering system which sieves away disease.
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A 15-year-old with no arms or legs was tackled and pinned by a sheriff’s deputy in a ‘horrific’ video

The shirtless 15-year-old screams as he lies facedown on the kitchen floor of his Tucson group home. He has no arms or legs, so he can’t flee or fight back. But a sheriff’s deputy at least twice his size is crouching over him and pinning him to the ground, using his body weight to restrain the quadruple amputee.

The eight-minute cellphone video, which was first published by KOLD, has now prompted an internal affairs investigation at the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. A spokesman ...
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Trump Clears Three Service Members in War Crimes Cases

President Trump cleared three members of the armed services on Friday who have been accused or convicted of war crimes, overruling military leaders who had sought to punish them. All three have been championed by conservative lawmakers and commentators, who have portrayed them as war heroes unfairly prosecuted for actions taken in the heat and confusion of battle.

In a statement released by the White House late Friday, Mr. Trump announced that he was ordering the full pardon of Clint ...
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Border Patrol Agent Shoots Russian Man in Arizona

The U.S. Border Patrol says an agent shot and wounded a Russian man suspected of crossing the border illegally in Arizona.

The agency said Friday that the man was flown to a Phoenix hospital and is expected to survive.

The Border Patrol says the unidentified agent attempted to arrest the man Thursday just east of the border town Lukeville.

Authorities say a physical altercation followed and the agent shot the man. The agent was not seriously injured.

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Disney+ Will Correct The Simpsons' Aspect Ratio In Early 2020

The launch of Disney+ this week came with widespread issues but plenty of treats for fans in the US like the first episode of The Mandalorian and most of the movies in the Marvel Studios and Star Wars canon. Of the many missing shows, movies, and other pratfalls in the launch of the streaming service, there was one major annoyance to fans of The Simpsons, the series is being presented in the incorrect aspect ratio. Good news and common sense has prevailed though as the streaming service has ...
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German grammar in 'OK boomer' tweet gets Twitter account banned

Over the past weeks, the phrase "OK, boomer" has surged through social media platforms — a millennial and Z-generation's digital stab at the older baby boomer generation's alleged close-mindedness and condescension.

But on November 12, the catchphrase's collision with German grammar led to an unexpected consequence: A user reportedly being blocked from Twitter for 12 hours for hate speech over the word "die," German for "the."
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DHS Officials Blast Stephen Miller Emails As “Sickening” And “Proof” Of A Racist Immigration Policy

“It’s sickening to know that someone with these viewpoints held a position of trust for a United States Senator and now in the White House,” said one DHS official. “Not that it wasn’t clear before — these emails just confirm what we all know. I’m disgusted that my venerable agency has turned into his personal tool for hate.”

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Zombie Miles And Napa Weekends: How A Week With Chauffeurs Showed The Major Flaw In Our Self-Driving Car Future

A few years ago, Mustapha Harb realized there was a problem in his field of research about how autonomous cars will change the way people travel. The solution to the problem he settled on was as simple as it was revealing.

The industry was making big promises about how great self-driving cars would be for society, and those claims were attracting billions of dollars of research from the world’s biggest companies to make the technology a reality.

Harb, a Ph.D. candidate at the University ...
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Real People Money Diaries: Making Ends Meet as an Olympic Athlete

Raising money, traveling across the world, going to two Olympics and just barely getting by — but it’s all worth it
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Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes wrote a young adult novel and it sounds fantastically weird

Gibby Haynes, frontman for legendary psych band the Butthole Surfers, penned a young adult novel, "Me and Mr. Cigar," to be released in January. And no surprise, it sound fantastically far fucking out. I can't wait to read it.
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The Brief and Wondrous Life of MC Skat Kat

Two steps forward one step back.
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Every One of Us Is Other: Looking Back on Representation in “Heavenly Creatures” 25 Years Later

In 1994, years before showing us the wonders and terrors of Middle Earth, Peter Jackson released a film that some still consider his finest work to date. The film was Heavenly Creatures, the real-life story of the 1954 Parker-Hulme murders in Christchurch, New Zealand. It won awards all over the festival circuit before receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay.
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The Wild Story of How Mary Steenburgen Wrote the Best Original Movie Song of the Year

The bizarre odyssey of how Oscar-winning actress Mary Steenburgen came to co-write the euphoric power-ballad that Jessie Buckley performs at the end of “Wild Rose” — easily the year’s best original movie song — began 10 years ago, when the “Melvin and Howard” star woke up after a minor arm surgery feeling like her mind was on fire.

“I felt strange as soon as the anesthesia started to wear off,” Steenburgen said. “The best way I can describe it is that it just felt like my ...
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The Greatest Banquet in Chinese History That Never Was

A special menu is currently on offer at the Macau restaurant Fook Lam Moon. Highlights from the “Manchu-Han Imperial Feast” include sea cucumber, wild goose, pigeon egg, leg of water turtle, and bird’s nest soup. Rather than a modern gastronomic undertaking, the menu hearkens back to a legendary feast from Chinese history–one so magnificent, of such grandiose proportions, that it pacified sworn rivals and stabilized a nation. It was a feast for the ages. It was also a feast that ...
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Jury finds Stone guilty of lying to Congress

Roger Stone, the right-wing provocateur and longtime associate of President Trump, was convicted on Friday of lying to Congress and witness tampering related to his efforts to feed the Trump campaign inside information about WikiLeaks in 2016.
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The Hater’s Guide to Mayor Pete: Pete Buttigieg has campaigned on a pledge to build unity. That’s just a pledge to do nothing.

You know, at least Sarah Palin had the common courtesy to run an entire state before pretending she was a figure of national importance...
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New Trump rule to make more health care rates public

The Trump administration on Friday issued controversial rules compelling hospitals and insurers to give consumers more information upfront about what their care will cost — requirements that officials say help Americans be better health-care shoppers.

Under one rule resisted for months by a broad swath of the health-care industry, hospitals must for the first time reveal in a computer-friendly format the discounted rates they negotiate privately with insurers for a list of 300 services ...
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