Queer Caribbeans Speak Out About One of Dancehall’s Most Homophobic Songs

In the 1990s, Caribbean millennials saw a number of reggae and dancehall songs cross over from our parents’ sound systems to mainstream airwaves. Hits like Chaka Demus & Pliers’ “Murder She Wrote,” Dawn Penn’s “No, No, No,” and Beenie Man’s “Girls Dem Sugar” drew heavy radio airplay and Billboard chart success, giving the world a glimpse into our culture. One of the most popular was Buju Banton’s 1992 single “Boom Bye Bye,” a track that followed in a tradition of ...
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Democratic megadonor urges Pelosi and Schumer to pick a candidate in a bid to stop Bernie Sanders

Democratic megadonor Bernard Schwartz has started reaching out to party leaders, particularly House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, to encourage them to back a candidate for president in order to stop the surge of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Schwartz, the CEO of BLS Investments, told CNBC that in recent days he’s been trying to speak with Pelosi and Schumer about making a pick, in the hope that voters will follow their lead and end up denying Sanders the party’s ...
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“Catastrophic”: Trump Is Fighting With Advisors Over Pardoning Roger Stone

Republicans close to the White House say officials are lobbying Trump not to go ahead with a Stone rescue. Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Jared Kushner have argued to Trump that a pardon or commutation would create an unnecessary scandal during an election year. “They all think it’ll be a problem and that there will be hearings,” a Republican briefed on the internal conversations told me. Another source briefed on the matter said that Trump is ...
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Twitch Admits It Got Tricked Into Banning Streamers Talking Over the Democratic Debate

People stream themselves doing anything and everything these days, a cultural shift services like Twitch have openly embraced, as they’ve moved past their roots in gaming. It’s no surprise, then, that people would want to stream themselves watching and responding to the ongoing Demoratic debates, as the party chooses its nominee to go up against President Trump later this year. What they didn’t expect was to have their streams killed and accounts banned by Twitch right in the middle of ...
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Dow Jones Down Nearly 2,000 Points On Coronavirus Outbreak | Investor's Business Daily

The Dow Jones fell another 800 points on Tuesday, after Monday's 1,000-plus point drop. Stocks continued to sell off in heavy volume. Visa and UnitedHealth were among the worst Dow performers. Meanwhile, Home Depot and McDonalds were among top Dow performers, though both still traded in the negative.
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PragerU Loses Appeal in Lawsuit Against Google, YouTube | Right Wing Watch

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that Prager University, a nonprofit organization created by right-wing commentator Dennis Prager, had no legal ground to stand on in its lawsuit against Google and YouTube, which alleged the companies violated Prager University’s First Amendment rights by “censoring” its videos. The court’s ruling, first reported by Wall Street Journal’s Jacob Gershman, serves a blow to baseless right-wing narratives that big tech companies are ...
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God hates railgun, engineers pandemic to cockblock him

As the deadly virus continues to spread beyond just mainland China and across the world, the cruise industry is being heavily impacted. In the latest developments, the MSC Meraviglia, which your ol boy railgun is supposed to be on next week, has been denied entry to Ocho Rios in Jamaica and George Town in the Cayman Islands due to fears of the virus.
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'Konami Code' Creator Kazuhisa Hashimoto Dies At 61

Hashimoto created the code—Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A—as an employee of Konami in the 1980s, when he was creating the Nintendo Entertainment System version of the arcade game Gradius. “I hadn’t played that much and obviously couldn’t beat it myself, so I put in the Konami Code,” Hashimoto said in a 2003 interview. “Because I was the one who was going to be using it, I made sure it was easy to remember.”
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The war on food waste is a waste of time

Food waste is frequently articulated as an environmental crisis, a claim that rests on two arguments. The first is clearly climate-oriented: When food waste ends up in a landfill, it rots and produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas that warms the planet. In this argument, households are largely to blame, and the solutions put forward to address household food waste mostly center on policing behavior, whether through more judicious domestic labor or patronizing public education campaigns aimed ...
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Covid-19 Will Mark the End of Affluence Politics

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump dismissed concerns about Covid-19. As he put it, the virus is "under control" in the US and the “whole situation will start working out.” But according to Politico, Trump is privately voicing worries that the impact of the virus will undermine his chances of reelection. His panicked actions of late—including preventing an American from being treated in Alabama, at the request of a fearful Senator Richard Shelby—confirm that this virus is a political ...
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Wait, Not THAT Emerging Democratic Majority!

To the chagrin of members of the establishment, Bernie Sanders has finally coalesced a movement of young people and people of color that they have banked on for decades.
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Philadelphia Nonprofit Opening Nation's First Supervised Injection Site Next Week

After a two-year battle, the Philadelphia nonprofit Safehouse says next week it will open the first space in the U.S. where people struggling with addiction can use opioids and other illegal drugs under the supervision of trained staff.

The Wednesday announcement comes one day after a U.S. district judge issued a final ruling declaring the facility does not violate federal drug laws. This solidified an October decision, which was the first time a federal court has weighed in on the legality ...
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ABC News suspends correspondent David Wright after comments about Trump coverage, socialism, in Project Veritas sting

ABC News suspended one of its veteran correspondents late Tuesday for unguarded remarks he made in a video by operatives of Project Veritas, the conservative group that records “undercover” footage of mainstream journalists to bolster its accusations of media bias.

The network disciplined David Wright, who reports for ABC’s signature news programs, including “World News Tonight,” “Good Morning America” and “Nightline,” several people confirmed late Tuesday.

The choppy, ...
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Inside the Extremely Vanilla World of Pete Buttigieg Fanfiction

Thirty-eight-year-old presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg would be winning the election if the election was held on Archive of Our Own, an open-source platform of slightly highbrow user-submitted fanworks from a variety of fandoms. On Archive of Our Own, Buttigieg and husband Chasten Glezman are the stars of user-submitted fanfiction or, more specifically, RPF—real person fiction—which has been popular in fannish circles for decades. In these nearly 70 stories, Buttigieg and Glezman’s ...
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Florida woman accused of zipping boyfriend in suitcase, leaving him to die

Waking up to her cellphone ringing multiple times, Boone said she realized Torres was still in the suitcase, where she found him unresponsive, according to the report. She called 911, and emergency responders who came to the home confirmed Torres had died.

The sheriff's office said Boone's statements have been "inconsistent" and that on cellphone footage Torres can be heard screaming for help in the suitcase while Boone chides him.
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America’s favorite furry friend? This running javelina

A video of a wild javelina dashing down a street in Tucson, Arizona, has been making the rounds online.

The brief video shows a mid-sized peccary sprinting down a city street. The clip, shared to Facebook by Arizona realtor Damion Alexander, quickly evolved from oddly humorous to mesmerizing before it emerged as the week’s newest meme.
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Who Is Mike Bloomberg's Comedy Writer?

The identity of the Bloomberg campaign’s comedy writer isn’t public knowledge, though. And many people would like to know who it is. If you follow enough comedians or comedy industry types on social media, you’ve probably seen them talking about who the Bloomberg comedy writer is, what exactly their job entails, and how much they’re being paid for it. So far nobody has been able to figure out who the writer is—if they do, in fact, exist.
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Bernie Sanders’s universal childcare plan would mean Millennials like me could start families

I am in my 30s, in a long-term partnership, and do not have children. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case. I worry I’m not emotionally mature or responsible enough to have a child, and that I’d screw them up like in that one Philip Larkin poem. But nobody is truly “ready” for kids — you just have one, hope for the best, and learn from your mistakes as you make them. Whenever my partner and I even talk about having children, it’s always in the abstract, mainly about how ...
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On the Korean Film Archive YouTube Channel, ‘Parasite’ Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

You could lose a whole weekend to these 200-plus films, which poignantly capture the nearly century-long evolution of the Korean film industry — and cost nothing to watch
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DrDrunkenstein’s Reign of Terror

Chess fans were astonished. There’s something hypnotizing about watching a guy known as “the Mozart of chess”—a player who is quantifiably better than Bobby Fischer—taking a big gulp of beer, announcing his position as “completely winning,” then singing along to Dr. Dre saying “motherfuck the police” while coasting into another quick checkmate.
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