Turpin parents sentenced to life in prison for torturing children

David and Louise Turpin, the California parents who beat, starved and held 12 of their children captive inside their home, were sentenced Friday to life in prison.

The husband and wife pleaded guilty in February to 14 counts each of torture, dependent adult abuse, child endangerment and false imprisonment.

During their sentencing, both cried and wiped away tears as some of their children addressed the courtroom. The judge ruled the couple will be eligible for parole after 25 years.

"My ...
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Florida Man Charged With Threatening to Kill Omar, Booker, Tlaib

Days after President Trump tweeted a highly edited video of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments on 9/11, a Florida man has been arrested by the feds for allegedly threatening to murder her in phone calls to Democratic lawmakers. John Kless, 49, was charged with making an interstate threat after he allegedly left murderous voicemails at the offices of Eric Swalwell (D-CA), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Corey Booker (D-NJ). On all three messages, the Broward County resident allegedly made death threats and ...
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Stalking Mosques and Trading Information, Back Woods Survivalist Squad Merges Anti-Islam Fever With Militia Tactics

Back Woods Survivalist Squad (BWSS), a group of Patriot movement extremists, has been using Facebook to coordinate surveillance on mosques around the country, a Hatewatch investigation reveals.

An investigation by Hatewatch into the closed Facebook group called Back Woods Survivalist Squad shows photos inside and outside at least 10 mosques across the country, including in the Southeast, northern Great Plains and the northern Rocky Mountains. Hatewatch performed an online search and found ...
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Elizabeth Warren says House should start impeachment proceedings for Trump

Sen. Elizabeth Warren called on the House of Representatives to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump Friday.

"The Mueller report lays out facts showing that a hostile foreign government attacked our 2016 election to help Donald Trump and Donald Trump welcomed that help. Once elected, Donald Trump obstructed the investigation into that attack," the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate wrote on Twitter. "Mueller put the next step in the hands of Congress: 'Congress ...
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Kentucky: BBQ Food Truck Vendor Mocks LGBTQ Community

Belle’s Smokin’ BBQ in northern Kentucky is facing backlash for selling t-shirts mocking the LGBTQ acronym. The Williamstown, Kentucky-based food truck t-shirts contain the message “I support LGBTQ: Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump, BBQ.”
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Secrecy, Self-Dealing, and Greed at the N.R.A.

his winter, members of the National Rifle Association—elk hunters in Montana, skeet shooters in upstate New York, concealed-carry enthusiasts in Jacksonville—might have noticed a desperate tone in the organization’s fund-raising efforts. In a letter from early March, Wayne LaPierre, the N.R.A.’s top executive, warned that liberal regulators were threatening to destroy the organization. “We’re facing an attack that’s unprecedented not just in the history of the N.R.A. but in the ...
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Critically endangered k?k?p? – the world's fattest parrot – has record breeding season

The world’s fattest species of parrot has had a record-breaking breeding season in New Zealand, with scientists saying the fortunes of the critically-endangered bird are finally turning around.
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Michelin restaurants and fabulous wines: Inside the secret team dinners that have built the Spurs' dynasty

"POP WANTS TO talk to you."

The server is speaking to a man named Jeremy Threat -- and from the tone in his voice, something is clearly amiss. Threat hustles back to the main dining room of Spataro Restaurant & Bar, an Italian restaurant in Sacramento, California, that has been overrun by the San Antonio Spurs. Players, coaches, management, ownership. All are seated along a handful of long, rectangular tables. The room is pin-drop silent. Some 40 pairs of eyes are trained on Threat, the ...
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Roman Polanski sues film academy over his expulsion from its ranks

Nearly one year after he was expelled from the ranks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, director Roman Polanski has filed suit against the organization, arguing that the academy did not follow proper procedure in ejecting him and that he should be reinstated.

According to Polanski’s attorney, Harland Braun, the filmmaker had been galled that an organization that gave him a standing ovation in 2003 when he won the directing Oscar for "The Pianist" had kicked him out without ...
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Snot Otter Emerges Victorious In Vote For Pennsylvania's Official Amphibian

Pennsylvania's soon-to-be official amphibian has more than its fair share of nicknames: snot otter, mud devil, Allegheny alligator, devil dog, lasagna lizard.

In short, it's not exactly a looker.

But the Eastern hellbender salamander was the overwhelming choice of lawmakers for amphibian representation in the state. On Tuesday, the state's House of Representatives voted 191-6 on a bill that would name the aquatic creature its state amphibian. The Senate passed the bill in February.

The ...
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The Corporate Campaign to Kill Bernie’s Medicare for All Bill Is Here

The class war over Medicare for All is here. On one side is Bernie Sanders, who recently introduced new and improved Medicare-for-All legislation with the support of a burgeoning grassroots movement and historic small-donor fundraising. On the other side is UnitedHealth, the massive health care company — the fifth-largest US corporation by total revenue of any kind — whose stocks have been plummeting since Sanders revived the bill.

UnitedHealth can no longer hide their efforts to ...
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'Radicalized' couple behind viral AOC ad launches pro-socialism, Netflix-like service

A young Detroit couple who helped New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win election last year as a Democratic Socialist are now launching a pro-socialism media company from their house.

Their company, Means TV, is an Internet-only streaming service that, for a monthly $10 subscription, would offer entertainment programming with "pro-worker" and "anti-capitalist" viewpoints, including original TV shows, talk shows, comedy sketches, reality TV and on-the-ground reporting.

The ...
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Lyra McKee murder: Journalist shot dead during Derry rioting

One of Northern Ireland's "most promising" journalists has been shot dead during rioting that police are treating as a terrorist incident.

Dissident republicans are being blamed for killing 29-year-old Lyra McKee after violence broke out during police searches in Londonderry on Thursday.

Police said a group known as the New IRA "are likely to be the ones" responsible for her murder.

Ms McKee's partner said she had been left without "the love of my life".
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RIP Lone Wolf And Cub creator Kazuo Koike

Manga legend Kazuo Koike has died after a struggle with pneumonia, according to a post on the author’s Twitter account. The influential Lone Wolf And Cub and Lady Snowblood creator creator was 82.

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The McKinsey Way to Save an Island: Why is a bankrupt Puerto Rico spending more than a billion dollars on expert advice?

Since 2016, Puerto Rico has been buffeted by a natural disaster and several overlapping, man-made catastrophes. Its government is bankrupt and owes $74 billion to bondholders: a staggering sum that amounts to 99 percent of the island’s gross national product, or $25,000 for each of its 3 million men, women, and children. It faces a vociferously hostile president, a stalemated and colonial relationship with Congress, entrenched local political dysfunction, and a bunch of angry creditors — ...
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Rep. Hunter pretends to cross the Mexico border and gets called out for violating his parole

Rep. Duncan Hunter and his Democratic challenger Ammar Campa-Najjar traded Twitter barbs Thursday over a video Hunter posted where he appeared to suggest he was crossing the southern border into Mexico.

Campa-Najjar accused Hunter of violating his parole, according to the Times of San Diego, which forbids him from traveling outside the continental United States.

In the video Hunter eased himself over a railing in the video before proclaiming, “That’s how easy it is to cross the border ...
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Democrats Are Hoping You Don’t Understand What “Impeachment” Entails

The 1974 vote in the House of Representatives to give the Judiciary Committee broad subpoena power for its investigation into whether or not President Richard Nixon committed any impeachable offenses passed 410-4. Some political observers might see that tally, with more than 100 Republican members of Congress voting to try to get the whole truth of the Watergate affair out in the open, and bemoan the death of a more bipartisan era.

But those same observers ought to be cheered by the response ...
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Most Would Vote for Gay President, Not So Sure Others Would

Pete Buttigieg, the little-known Democratic mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is hoping to be the first openly gay presidential nominee of a major party. Most voters are willing to support a gay president, but they’re far less confident that others close to them feel the same way.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 59% of Likely U.S. Voters say they would personally be willing to vote for an openly gay president. Thirty percent (30%) would not, while 12% ...
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The Cult of “Wrongthink”: How a Generation of Pundits Ruined “Debate”

Last week, Kmele Foster, Matt Welch, and Michael Moynihan interviewed the conservative columnist Andrew Sullivan for their podcast, The Fifth Column. The hosts and their guest spent much of the hourlong interview discussing the bellicose state of political discourse and left-wing activists who refuse to debate their opponents and even their allies, including Sullivan. “The only right that gay people had, for the longest time, was the the First Amendment right,” Sullivan said. He described ...
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Mars in the Gobi Desert

In the desert hills of China’s Gansu province, a company called C-Space has just opened “Mars Base 1,” a simulated Martian base of operations for future astronauts. Plans for the base, currently an educational facility, include expansion—it will become more of a tourist destination soon, with a space-themed hotel and restaurant. Photographers were on hand as some of the first student groups arrived to tour this vision of Mars in the China’s Gobi desert.
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