Here's Just How Much Hillary Clinton's Emails Dominated The Campaign

jesus christ they're still going on about this
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Fans beg Justin Bieber to cancel dates as fear grips pop's youth

Canadian heartthrob Bieber, 23, is due to play an open air concert at London's Hyde Park in July. But fans flooded social media saying his appearance should be axed for the safety both of fans and the singer himself.
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Somebody Is Hiring A “Millennials Investigator”

Millennial-focused Investigation series. Aggressive, passionate, tireless, proven boundary breaker with an intense work ethic and a millennial POV. With resume, please provide a link to video materials and a 2 -3 paragraph (max) cover letter stating A) your research and investigation background and B) any prior-century news event you have done an extraordinary deep dive into. No prior experience or completed degree required. Location flexible. Military background a plus, not required.
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Feds use anti-terror tool to hunt the undocumented

Federal investigators are using a cellphone snooping device designed for counter-terrorism to hunt undocumented immigrants amid President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown, according to federal court records obtained by The Detroit News.

An unsealed federal search warrant affidavit obtained by The News is the first public acknowledgment that agents are using secret devices that masquerade as a cell tower to find people who entered the U.S. illegally, privacy and civil liberty experts ...
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FBI Spy House

Cameras could be clearly spotted in the windows, filming all those who entered the Russian Embassy across the street. One local even reported seeing a long telescopic lens sticking out from a window late at night.

In an attempt to up its anonymity, two FBI agents eventually moved into the house, though no one who knew of the house was fooled. The house’s owner was listed as “FBI” in public records, and its inhabitant’s occupation as “Clerk - really a spy.”
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Garbage Contains All of the Nutrients Missing from Our Diet

In a single day, American food waste contains an average 1.8 billion grams of dietary fiber, for example. American women typically under-consumer fiber by 8.9 grams per day, which means the fiber found in our trash would provide enough to close the gap in daily intake requirements for 206.6 million adult women.
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This is what happens when you get struck by lightning

Only by piecing together the bystander reports, the singed clothing and the burnt skin can survivors start to construct their own picture of the possible trajectory of the electrical current, one that can approach 200 million volts and travel at one-third of the speed of light.
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White supremacy is a global export of the Confederate South

On Friday, the city of New Orleans dismantled a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee—a symbol of the Confederacy that had loomed over the city since 1884, and a direct link to the South’s dark past. The removal completed the city’s controversial decision to take down four monuments commemorating the rise and fall of the Confederacy, including statues of Jefferson Davis, its former president, and Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard, as well as a monument representing the Battle of Liberty Place.
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Design your own custom bug-out bag

Don't worry, there's an auto-fill cart option. You'll have to get your gun elsewhere since this is focused on routing purchases through Amazon.
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Manchester Bomber Manchester Born

The 22-year-old was Manchester born and from a family of Libyan origin, the BBC understands.
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Police raid prominent Moscow contemporary theatre (The Gogol Centre)

Kirill Serebrennikov, whose controversial high school drama The Student won the Francois Chalais prize at last year's Cannes film festival, was taken in for questioning after a dawn raid on his apartment.

At the same time masked riot police searched the Gogol Centre, the Moscow theatre where Mr Serebrennikov is the artistic director.

The Investigative Committee, Russia's primary criminal investigation agency, said it had opened an investigation into embezzlement of government art funding by ...
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I just need to tell someone about this. Back in September of last year, my girlfriend and I were staying at a hotel in Atlantic City. It wasn’t a large hotel/casino, but it was a nice place regardless. It was early Saturday morning. We were awake and hosting another couple from Phildelphia, sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company. Well, at about 2:00 AM, we realized that we were out of beer and we really didn’t feel like calling it a night. My girlfriend told me that there were ...
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In 1938, Peking archaeology students explored some caves in the Bayan-Kara-Ula Mountains on the border of Tibet and China. Chinese professor, Chi Pu Tei, detected regularly aligned rows of graves. The skeletons measured only around four feet in height and had skulls which were large and over developed. This was said to be the resting grounds for two tribes known as the Han and the Dropa, (shown) a peculiar race of people that fail to fall into any racial or ethnic group known to man especially ...
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Trump writes in Holocaust memorial guestbook: 'So amazing'

President Trump’s message in a guestbook at Israel’s main Holocaust memorial and museum has drawn some ridicule for its failure to demonstrate sensitivity to the atrocities memorialized at the site.
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Don’t Like Betsy DeVos? Blame the Democrats

Listening to their cries of outrage, one might imagine that Democrats were America’s undisputed champions of public education. But the resistance to DeVos obscured an inconvenient truth: Democrats have been promoting a conservative “school reform” agenda for the past three decades. Some did it because they fell for the myths of “accountability” and “choice” as magic bullets for better schools. Some did it because “choice” has centrist appeal. Others sold out public schools for ...
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Court: Getting Naked to Protest TSA Isn't Protected Speech

The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals has determined that a man who got buck naked to protest an invasive search by the TSA was not within his rights. The good news is that the court went on to define how it could have been protected protest speech, so now you have a guide.
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Obituary: Sir Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore, who has died aged 89, brought a lighter touch to the role of James Bond, the role for which he was most famous.

Out went the harder, crueller edge of Sean Connery's 007 to be succeeded by sardonic humour and the inevitable raised eyebrow.

He eventually became the longest-serving actor in the role, his seven Bond films becoming the most commercially successful of the franchise.

His tenure in the role also showcased an array of implausible gadgets and a host of new characters, ...
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The Alienated Mind

The alienated long for something that will smash the system or change their situation, but they have no actual plan or any means to deliver it.
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Detectives soon discovered that Johnson had also stopped by the homes of two people who worked at Shotgun Willie’s, a local strip club...

“So we share common interest in business degrees, chicks with titties, and music, because you’re a DJ, right?”

“Yep... Badass,” Stiff said, excited. “What crime did he commit?”

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Trump Commerce Secretary Delighted By Lack of Saudi Arabian Protesters. Because They’re Dead

... he explained the Saudi people must love Donald Trump — maybe more than Americans do — because there weren’t any protests to spoil the experience.

As the Washington Post notes, six years ago the Saudi theocracy, not wanting any of that Arab Spring nonsense welling up, outright banned public protests. They execute dissidents, and have sentenced four young men to death for protesting such executions.
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