DEPPS OF DESPAIR Johnny Depp passed out covered in ice cream in shock pic as Amber Heard told him: ‘Look what you’ve become’

The Hollywood star can be seen dozing with his mouth wide open and the treat "all over him" on the day he was due to enter rehab, it was said.
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Texas Hospital Says Man, 30, Died After Attending a ‘Covid Party’

A 30-year-old man who believed the coronavirus was a hoax and attended a “Covid party” died after being infected with the virus, according to the chief medical officer at a Texas hospital.

The official, Dr. Jane Appleby of Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, said the man died after deliberately attending a gathering with an infected person to test whether the coronavirus was real.

In her statements to news organizations, Dr. Appleby said the man had told his nurse that he attended a ...
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Cuomo reveals New York Tough poster

"The governor designs these posters himself. Cuomo does a rough sketch of the general idea he wants to get across and then has an artist put it together with the coloring and the figures."
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Wildlife collapse from climate change is predicted to hit suddenly and sooner

When they examined the projections, the researchers were surprised that sudden collapses appeared across almost all species and across almost all regions.
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Knife-Wielding Polish Man Flees Into Woods, Hoping to Keep Pet Puma

A man in Poland wielded a knife and fled to the woods, refusing to give up his beloved — but illegal — pet puma when officials from a zoo tried to retrieve the animal on Friday, according to local reports.

The man, Kamil Stanek, who bought the big cat and named her Nubia six years ago, has posted nearly 200 videos of her playfully nuzzling and nibbling him on social media.
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'An embarrassment': Trump's justice department goes quiet on voting rights

The Department of Justice (DoJ), the agency with unmatched power to prevent discrimination at the ballot box, has been glaringly quiet when it comes to enforcing voting rights ahead of the 2020 election, former department attorneys say.

Amid concern that the attorney general, William Barr, is using the department to advance Trump’s political interests, observers say the department is failing to protect the voting rights of minority groups. Remarkably, while the department has been ...
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Anti-Mask Idiots Rally at Florida Restaurant as State Becomes Covid-19 Epicenter

Anti-mask advocates rallied over the weekend at a restaurant in Florida, the current covid-19 capital of the world, insisting that no one should wear a mask to fight the spread of the deadly disease. The rally proves yet again that no amount of infection or death will convince some people to do the right thing and just wear a damn mask, which has been shown to dramatically slow the spread of coronavirus.

The anti-mask rally took place on Saturday at 33 & Melt, a bar and restaurant in ...
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As reopening plan that calls for face coverings, school board members express resistance

As part of its plan to reopen schools this fall, the Natrona County School District will require staff and students to wear masks when they’re within 6 feet of each other. But members of the school board expressed resistance to face coverings this past week, echoing past comments from some trustees contesting the need for measures to slow the spread of a virus that’s killed more than 130,000 Americans.

“We’ve had 21 deaths in Wyoming. Most of those were people with pre-existing ...
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Trump Commutes Prison Sentence of Long-Time Ally Roger Stone

President Donald Trump has commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, sentenced to more than three years in prison for witness tampering and lying to Congress, in a move that will keep his former campaign adviser from serving time behind bars.

The decision, announced in a White House press release on Friday night, came after Trump had repeatedly criticized the judge, prosecutors, and even the jury involved in Stone’s trial as politically motivated.

“Roger Stone is a victim of the Russia ...
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34,519 Feral Pigs Culled In A Program That Will Now Be Expanded to Include Deer

Thirty to fifty THOUSAND feral hogs!
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Coyote Bros: How Hard-Partying College Kids Became Immigrant Smugglers

Three friends and a team of frat brothers — plus a stripper, an ex-army ranger, a door-to-door salesman and a go-go dancer — made a fortune on the most heavily patrolled stretch of highway in Texas.
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Trump Aides Tried to Cheer Him Up During Pandemic By Bringing Big Trucks to White House: Report

With the pandemic ongoing and his poll numbers continuing to tank, President Donald Trump has reportedly been down in the dumps. And so the president’s closest advisers have sought to cheer him up in recent weeks.

By bringing him some trucks to play with.

On April 16, a fleet of 18-wheelers rolled into the White House for an event celebrating America’s Truckers. According to the Washington Post, that event was the brainchild of Trump advisers including Hope Hicks and Dan Scavino — ...
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Tucker Carlson's top writer resigns after secretly posting racist and sexist remarks in online forum

The top writer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson has for years been using a pseudonym to post bigoted remarks on an online forum that is a hotbed for racist, sexist, and other offensive content, CNN Business learned this week.

Just this week, the writer, Blake Neff, responded to a thread started by another user in 2018 with the subject line, "Would u let a JET BLACK congo n****er do lasik eye surgery on u for 50% off?" Neff wrote, "I wouldn't get LASIK from an Asian for free, so no." (The ...
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Rats! Restaurant-goers rage regarding rampaging ravenous rodents

New York City is starting to tentatively emerge from the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic but a revival in outdoor restaurant dining is facing a new hazard – a plague of rats.

Diners are facing a surge in rat activity following a lockdown period where the rodents were cut off from key food sources as businesses including restaurants and grocery stores shut down, forcing rats to battle for snacks and even eat each other.

Since 22 June, New York City restaurants have been allowed to ...
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For sale: Loch Lomond island with great views – and feral wallabies

It is a rare opportunity; the chance to buy a heavily wooded uninhabited island on Loch Lomond, only a short row from the shore. Rarer still, this island comes with a mob of feral wallabies.
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A plasma shot could prevent coronavirus. But feds and makers won’t act, scientists say

”They charge a fortune off of intravenous drugs in the hospital. They don’t want to devote the manufacturing plant to something that won’t make oodles of money,” said one infectious disease expert, who has advocated for coronavirus Ig shots but asked not to be publicly identified.
Researchers also said industry executives have little incentive to produce the immunity shots for the coronavirus, given the possibility that a longer-lasting vaccine could replace it within a year.
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After lobbying, Catholic Church won $1.4 billion in coronavirus aid

Loan recipients included about 40 dioceses that have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the past few years paying victims through compensation funds or bankruptcy proceedings. AP's review found that these dioceses were approved for about $200 million, though the value is likely much higher.

One was the New York Archdiocese. As a successful battle to lift the statute of limitations on the filing of child sexual abuse lawsuits gathered steam, Cardinal Timothy Dolan established a victim ...
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Wild bison to return to UK for first time in 6,000 years

Wild bison are to return to the UK for the first time in 6,000 years, with the release of a small herd in Kent planned for spring 2022.

The £1m project to reintroduce the animals will help secure the future of an endangered species. But they will also naturally regenerate a former pine wood plantation by killing off trees. This creates a healthy mix of woodland, scrub and glades, boosting insect, bird and plant life.

During the initial release, one male and three females will be set ...
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150 Minneapolis police officers seeking disability for PTSD following riots

“They did not feel they were going to come home,” said Meuser. Some officers were texting their families’ goodbye and others were saving a bullet in case they needed to take their own life, rather than being beaten to death, he said.

Meuser said since the killing of George Floyd, officers have felt abandoned by city and state politicians as well as the community at large.
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The National Obsession Around Ilhan Omar Is Fueling Her Primary Opponent

Ilhan Omar’s primary opponent is a virtually unknown Minneapolis lawyer. But Antone Melton-Meaux has raised millions from big-dollar donors in recent months fueled by intense animosity toward Omar, one of the first Muslim women in Congress.

“I found out about him because I hate his opponent,” said Stan Weinstein, a retired real estate executive from Miami Beach who gave Melton-Meaux $2,800, the maximum amount allowable by law.

“She does not represent the United States, she ...
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