Kyoto Animation fire: Ten dead after suspected arson attack

At least 10 people have died in a suspected arson attack at an animation studio in Kyoto, Japan, local emergency officials have said.

Local media quoted police as saying a man broke into the Kyoto Animation Co studio on Thursday morning and sprayed an unidentified liquid around.

Dozens of people are also reported to have been injured.

The suspect, who has not been named, has been detained and was taken to hospital with injuries.

"A man threw a liquid and set fire to it," a Kyoto ...
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Big boost to tiny k?k?riki karaka as 150 chicks hatch this season

The population of k?k?riki karaka (orange-fronted parakeets) is estimated at between 100 and 300.

This year at least 150 chicks were born in the wild, potentially doubling the population.
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Funny video: Cheeky cockatoo torments Geelong woman

A geelong woman has been being stalked by an unlikely predator in Geelong — a sulphur-crested cockatoo with a penchant for jewellery.

Morgana Elaine told Ross and John the cheeky cocky was particularly interested in “the metal in my face”.

“I was playing with it through the window, and then I jumped out of the car to see just how close I could get.”

She got way too close for comfort, with the cockatoo ripping out one of her earrings.
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J'accuse — The New Yorker Is Trying to Silence Me By Alan Dershowitz

flop sweat
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Magic symbols from Australian history's 'forgotten chapter' uncovered in Victoria

Painstakingly chiselled into century-old stone stable walls, tucked away in the back of a blacksmith's workshop, lies a forgotten piece of Victoria's colonial history.

It is a hexafoil — small, white, circular, and intricately carved with a witch's mark.

It is one of many thought to be hidden in south-west Victoria, according to historian and Australian Magic Research Project Director Ian Evans.

"It's a circular mark, probably about six inches across, and within the mark there are a ...
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Live-Action 'Warhammer 40,000' TV Show Coming From 'The Man in the High Castle' Creator

Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn is an Imperial inquisitor, one of the tireless defenders of humanity. With his warband he scourges the galaxy, walking in the shadows of darkness in order to root out heresy. When that heresy is found to infiltrate the hierarchy of the Imperium and the Inquisition itself, Eisenhorn must rely on himself alone to deal with it – even if it means making deals with the enemy and compromising everything he has ever believed in.

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Bonkers Training Regimen Includes Sword Fighting and Experimental Eyeball Surgery

"Hana then comes over and we do a screaming session for 20-25 minutes while I slow boil the honey tea that maximizes vocal proficiency."

The new Adidas campaign is off to a strong start.
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Online critics poke fun at Canada 'warship' library

A brand new library in the Canadian city of Edmonton has raised eyebrows over its redesign.

It's being billed as a "bright, new and welcoming space" more than three times the size of the previous facility.
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When Non-Jews Wield Anti-Semitism as Political Shield

There’s a meme I’ve seen go around a thousand times in Jewish spaces online—in Facebook groups, or Twitter exchanges between snarky leftist Jews—a still from a Yiddish lesson series on Youtube, with the phrase “The Jews Are Tired.” It’s an all-purpose response for Gentile fuckery—speaking for Jews, about Jews, around Jews, against Jews, utilizing us without our consent or input. Black background, white letters: The Jews Are Tired.
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As the Epstein Case Grows, Manhattan and DC Brace for Impact

The Jeffrey Epstein case is an asteroid poised to strike the elite world in which he moved. No one can yet say precisely how large it is. But as the number of women who’ve accused the financier (at least, that’s what he claimed to be) of sexual assault grows to grotesque levels—there are said to be more than 50 women who are potential victims—a wave of panic is rippling through Manhattan, DC, and Palm Beach, as Epstein’s former friends and associates rush to distance themselves, while ...
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Spear fatally impales woman during argument with boyfriend

Authorities have arrested a man they say was arguing with his girlfriend when a spear she was holding snapped and went through her chest, killing her.

The SunSentinel reports Adam Reechard Crespo grabbed 32-year-old Silvia Galva by the ankles and pulled her off the bed in their South Florida condominium Friday night.
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Thomas Gambino among 16 arrested in joint U.S.-Italy raids targeting resurgent mafia family

Rome -- More than 200 Italian police officers and FBI agents launched coordinated raids overnight targeting a mafia crime family with ties to the U.S., Italian police said Wednesday. The crackdown resulted in the detention or arrest of 15 suspected members of the Inzerillo crime family, based in the Sicilian capital of Palermo.

Thomas Gambino, considered by the FBI to be a significant member of the New York-based crime family, was among those taken into custody in Palermo
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Tesla floats fully self-driving cars as soon as this year. Many are worried about what that will unleash.

Tesla is racing to be first to the market with a self-driving car made for the masses, promising to send as soon as this year an over-the-air software update that will turn hundreds of thousands of its vehicles into robo-cars. But its push to put untested and unregulated features in the hands of its drivers is putting industry executives and regulators on edge.

Once the update arrives, Tesla vehicles will be able to drive themselves in a city the way they can perform highway cruising now, ...
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Education publisher Pearson to phase out print textbooks

The world's largest education publisher has taken the first step towards phasing out print books by making all its learning resources "digital first".

Pearson said students would only be able to rent physical textbooks from now on, and they would be updated much less frequently.

The British firm hopes the move will make more students buy its e-textbooks which are updated continually.

"We are now over the digital tipping point," boss John Fallon told the BBC.

"Over half our annual ...
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Jeffrey Katzenberg Is Not Interested in Your Skepticism About Quibi

In recent months, the conventional wisdom has been that there are now too many video streaming services.

But yet another is on the way—a short-form, mobile-only platform by the name of Quibi (a shortening of "quick bites"), led by chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg and CEO Meg Whitman. Just don't dare to ask Katzenberg about Quibi plans to fit into the packed streaming economy.

"I don't want to get defensive, but... you're comparing apples to submarines," Katzenberg said in response to a ...
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"Unfit to Be President": Read the Full Statement of House Impeachment Resolution on Trump

With reports of the concerning conditions at U.S. Border Control detention centers and a racist Twitter rant just a few days ago, calls for Trump’s removal from office are stronger than ever before (and unsurprisingly so).

Following a long and frustrating bout of inaction from Democrats to actually move forward with the impeachment process on Trump, Tuesday brought an impassioned plea from the party via Representative Al Green (D-Texas) to the House floor, in which he described the U.S. ...
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Republicans Won't Call Trump Racist — But One Said White People Are “People of Color”

“You know, they talk about people of color. I'm a person of color. I'm white. I'm an Anglo Saxon. People say things all the time, but I don't get offended,” Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Mike Kelly told VICE News before the blowup over Pelosi’s comments. “‘With a name like Mike Kelly you can’t be from any place else but Ireland.’”
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Trump's premeditated racism is central to his 2020 strategy

Trump knows that in 2016, he won the white vote by 20+ points. 
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Bagel Boss Guy Chris Morgan Signs Deal to Fight Other Viral Celebs

The short guy who lost his s*** in the New York bagel shop last week is putting his viral fame to good use ... by getting in the ring and beating the crap outta other "celebs."

Chris Morgan just inked a deal Monday with fighting promoter Damon Feldman -- who's arranged for Chris to put on some boxing gloves and go toe-to-toe with someone later this year in Atlantic City. We got him out with his new crew ... and he seemed pretty excited.
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Triple-digit temperatures could bring blackouts in New York City, DC and Chicago

An upcoming heat wave could lead to power outages in the central and eastern U.S., including the major metropolitan areas of New York City, Washington and Chicago, experts say.

As temperatures rise and more people turn to their air conditioners for relief from the heat, the demand for power can become overwhelming, according to Jay Apt, a professor and co-director of the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center. 

“There is always high demand in the summer – air conditioning is ...
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