Website Promised Free Anti-Antifa Shirts. Alt-Right Signed Up. It Was a Trap.

On August 18, Trump supporters will host the “National March Against Far-Left Violence” in several cities, organized by a pair of frequent attendees at far-right rallies. Expected participants include members of anti-Muslim group the Proud Boys and people involved in the pro-Trump troll group Patriot Prayer, which has attracted white supremacists. In early July, when march leaders were planning their event, an apparent ally set up a website where marchers could pre-order anti-anti-fascist ...
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Police Bodycams Can Be Hacked to Doctor Footage

Josh Mitchell, a consultant at the security firm Nuix, analyzed five body camera models from five different companies: Vievu, Patrol Eyes, Fire Cam, Digital Ally, and CeeSc. The companies all market their devices to law enforcement groups around the US. Mitchell's presentation does not include market leader Axon—although the company did acquire Vievu in May.

In all but the Digital Ally device, the vulnerabilities would allow an attacker to download footage off a camera, edit things out or ...
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Google Executives Misled Staff in Meeting on China Censorship. Here Are 13 Questions They Must Answer.

GOOGLE BOSSES HAVE broken their silence on the company’s plan to launch a censored search engine in China amid mounting internal protests over the project.

On Thursday, CEO Sundar Pichai admitted to employees during an all-hands meeting that the censorship project – code-named Dragonfly – had been “in an exploration stage for quite a while now,” according to two sources who heard his remarks. Pichai emphasized his belief that Google should return to China, but claimed that the ...
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An ICE Attorney Forged a Document to Deport an Immigrant. ICE Didn’t Care Until the Immigrant Sued.

...But at his hearing, an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement attorney produced startling evidence against him: a form signed by Lanuza accepting voluntary departure to Mexico, dated January 2000. By signing this document, the lawyer explained, Lanuza had rendered himself ineligible for legal residence. The judge agreed and ordered him deported.

There was one problem: The form was a forgery.

...The document he forged, known as an I-826 form, was dated Jan. 13, 2000, and made reference to ...
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“Cocaine, Speed, and Gallons of Jack Daniel’s”: The Last Rock ’n’ Roll Superstars Were … Korn?

Jonathan Davis, who at 47 has been Korn’s lead singer for more than half of his life, does not sound wistful, or even boastful. He is matter of fact, as though he were describing how his tangled locks are now flecked with strands of gray. The commercial prime of nu metal—more or less ushered in by Korn’s third album, the quintuple-platinum Follow the Leader, released 20 years ago this week—certainly was not a golden age for him.
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The enduring mystery of Calgary's 'Vaseline Alley'

A mystery haunts a short stretch of road in northeast Calgary.

For years now, the tubs have appeared. Empty containers of Vaseline discarded along 68th Street N.E., just south of 16th Avenue.

Crews pick them up, more jars appear.
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California homeowners get to pass low property taxes to their kids. It's proved highly profitable to an elite group

Actors Jeff and Beau Bridges, along with their sister, own a four-bedroom Malibu home with access to a semi-private beach and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

They inherited it from their mother, who had owned the house since the late 1950s when their father Lloyd Bridges first made it big in Hollywood.

Earlier this year, they advertised the “stunning Malibu dream” for rent at $15,995 a month — a hefty price tag for a house that has a property tax bill of less than half ...
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Elon Musk Details ‘Excruciating’ Personal Toll of Tesla Turmoil

That morning, Mr. Musk woke up at home with his girlfriend, the musician known as Grimes, and had an early workout. Then he got in a Tesla Model S and drove himself to the airport. En route, Mr. Musk typed his fateful message.

Mr. Musk has said he saw the tweet as an attempt at transparency. He acknowledged Thursday that no one had seen or reviewed it before he posted it.

Tesla’s shares soared. Investors, analysts and journalists puzzled over the tweet — published in the middle of the ...
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Kroger rolls out driverless cars for grocery deliveries

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) — At a time when big-box retailers are trying to offer the same conveniences as their online competitors, the biggest U.S. grocery chain is testing the use of driverless cars to deliver groceries in a Phoenix suburb.

Kroger’s pilot program launched Thursday morning with a robotic vehicle parked outside one of its own Fry’s supermarkets in Scottsdale. A store clerk loaded the back seat with full grocery bags. A man was in the driver’s seat and another was in the ...
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DOJ releases emails of RBS bankers joking about crashing housing market before 2008

After the shoddy loans began to erode the U.S. housing market noticeably, RBS's head trader reportedly received a call from a friend who said, "[I'm] sure your parents never imagined they'd raise a son who [would] destroy the housing market in the richest nation on the planet." 

"I take exception to the word 'destroy.' I am more comfortable with 'severely damage,'" he replied, according to DOJ.

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Rick Scott killed a high-speed rail plan. Then All Aboard rolled up and he bought it.

As one of his first acts in office in 2011, Gov. Rick Scott canceled a $2.4 billion federally funded and shovel-ready bullet train from Orlando to Tampa because it carried “an extremely high risk of overspending taxpayer dollars with no guarantee of economic growth.’’

It was a political slap to then-President Barack Obama, who considered the high-speed rail project central to his infrastructure reinvestment initiative. Now, the idea has returned — revived by All Aboard Florida, a Coral ...
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‘I did it on purpose’: Man arrested after causing disturbance at Orlando International Airport

He said he was trying to make a point about police use of force. He said the disruption was done to "prove a point."

"If you're going to do this to a white doctor, who's 59-years-old, for doing nothing, then why would black people trust you?," Epstein said.

While speaking with WESH 2 News outside of the jail, Epstein began speaking about his political views.

"I’m a conservative Republican, I’m a Trump guy. But until the police fix this problem, I don’t blame black people for being ...
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Satanic Temple statue unveiled at the Arkansas State Capitol

Dozens attended a rally held by the Satanic Temple at the Arkansas State Capitol on Thursday.

The rally comes after the Arkansas legislature approved the placement of a Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds.

During the Satanic Temple's Rally for the First Amendment, a more than 8-feet-tall Baphomet statue was unveiled.
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The Actor Who Played Robocop Is Now an Art Historian, and He’s Returning to Detroit to Face a New Threat: ‘The Crisis of Beauty’

It turns out that Peter Weller, the actor who played Robocop, has become an art historian. He went back to school in 2004, at age 57, and earned a Master’s degree in Roman and Renaissance Art at Syracuse University, followed by a PhD in Italian Renaissance art history at UCLA in 2013. Since then, he’s split his time between acting, producing, and art history. (He has also appeared in David Cronenberg’s 1991 adaptation Naked Lunch and the 1984 cult classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai ...
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Minneapolis lawyer pleads guilty to federal fraud, money laundering charges in porn troll scheme

Paul Hansmeier, a Minneapolis lawyer who pioneered a lucrative scheme suing thousands of people for copyright violations after they downloaded pornography that he and a partner had planted on an internet file sharing server, pleaded guilty Friday to federal fraud and money laundering conspiracy charges.

Hansmeier had been scheduled for trial Sept. 5 in Minneapolis. His plea agreement allows him to withdraw the plea if he is successful in appealing the district court’s denial of his earlier ...
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Picket lines, a $100 gold burger and a rat named ‘Scabby’ greet the opening of the 140th CNE

About 400 workers, represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees union, were locked out by the CNE’s board of governors on July 20, after months of bargaining.[...]

The board has said it wants to update the workers’ contract to reflect the “highly competitive” marketplace and that it thinks the dispute should be settled at the bargaining table rather than in arbitration like the union has suggested.[...]

“Selling hamburgers for $100 with gold in them and ...
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U. of Akron Will Phase Out 80 Degree Programs and Open New Esports Facilities

As the university ends what it deems unpopular degrees, it is leaning into a current trend on college campuses: competitive video gaming, known as esports. On Thursday, Akron announced that it would open three facilities to accommodate varsity, club, and recreational gamers. The university said the centers would represent “the largest amount of dedicated esports space of any university in the world to date.”

Five inaugural varsity teams will compete this fall in the video games Overwatch, ...
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Kansas couple killed in carnival mafia initiation

One of four carnival workers accused of dumping the bodies of a slain Wichita couple had ordered the killings while posing as a carnival mafia member, according to Arkansas police.

Carnival workers Kimberly Younger, Michael Fowler, Rusty Frasier and Christine Tenney were charged this week in Crawford County Circuit Court, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.
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Trump Cancels Military Parade, Blaming Washington Officials for Inflating Costs

President Trump on Friday canceled plans for a military parade this fall in Washington, blaming local officials for inflating the costs and saying they “know a windfall when they see it.”

Washington’s mayor, Muriel E. Bowser, pushed back on Twitter, saying that she had “finally got thru” to the president to convey the “realities” of what it costs to stage events like military parades in the city.

Ms. Bowser put the number at $21.6 million, though the city’s costs are just a ...
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Suspect in more than 80 overdoses in Connecticut didn't charge victims for the drug, authorities say

At least one of the suspects arrested in connection with more than 80 overdose cases in and around a New Haven park were handing out synthetic marijuana, also known as K2, for free, authorities said.

On Wednesday morning, first responders found dozens of people who appeared to have overdosed on the New Haven Green, with 25 of those overdoses occurring within a three-hour span in the morning and some four to six at a time, officials said.

Seventy-six overdose cases were reported on Wednesday, ...
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