Opinion | America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals.

To live in California at this time is to experience every day the cryptic phrase that George W. Bush once used to describe the invasion of Iraq: “Catastrophic success.” The economy here is booming, but no one feels especially good about it. When the cost of living is taken into account, billionaire-brimming California ranks as the most poverty-stricken state, with a fifth of the population struggling to get by. Since 2010, migration out of California has surged.

The basic problem is the ...
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Shady Numbers And Bad Business: Inside The Esports Bubble

The mainstream narrative of esports has been lovingly crafted by those who benefit from its success. There’s big money in esports, they say. You’ve heard the stories. Teenaged gamers flown overseas to sunny mansions with live-in chefs. The erection of $50 million arenas for Enders Game-esque sci-fi battles. League of Legends pros pulling down seven-figure salaries. Yet there’s a reason why these narratives are provocative enough to attract lip-licking headlines in business news and have ...
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Man Finds A Mystery Box In Dumpster, And What He Saw Inside Still Hasn’t Been Explained

Reddit user TramStopDan found a handmade wooden box in a dumpster. On the face of things, the box didn’t look very unusual – it had hinges, a handle, and a pair of locks. But that all changed when he opened it and discovered stacks of papers featuring diary entries about flying saucer visits in the late 1960s to 1980, plus a whole bunch of other crazy stuff like drawings of biblical creatures.

That’s pretty odd, but things got odder, and this is why the box was coined “The Box Of ...
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A 10-year-old migrant girl died last year in government care, officials acknowledge

The federal agency that oversees the care of unaccompanied migrant children acknowledged to CBS News on Wednesday that a 10-year-old girl from El Salvador died in its custody on Sept. 29, 2018. The child's death had not been previously reported. 

She was the first of six migrant children to die in U.S. custody — or soon after being released — in the past eight months.

Mark Weber, a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), said in a statement to CBS ...
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Violent tornado that hit Missouri's capital 'felt like an earthquake'

A tornado smashed into the Missouri capital Wednesday night as people slept, ripping buildings apart and leaving destruction that the city was only beginning to comprehend as daylight broke Thursday morning.

The damage in Jefferson City came toward the end of a string of strong storms and suspected tornadoes that swept through parts of Missouri on Wednesday. At least three people were killed in a daylight storm in Golden City, more than 150 miles southwest of the capital.
In Jefferson City, ...
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EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Proud Boys Chats Show Members Plotting Violence At Rallies

The Proud Boys want the public to believe that they’re a “drinking club” who only resort to violence to defend themselves from anti-fascist protesters during political rallies.

But in private, these extremists have discussed injuring and even killing their adversaries, plotting tactics and optics for months in order to assert a claim of self-defense should they face charges.
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Documents detail how Jerry Falwell Jr. went into South Beach venture with ‘pool boy’

New court documents offer a peek into how evangelist Jerry Falwell Jr. wound up in the South Beach hotel business with a former Fontainebleau Hotel pool attendant

The latest twist involves a top aide to the chairwoman of the Miami-Dade County Commission, who is suing Falwell over what he says was a promised share of the hotel business that never materialized. Gordon Bello, legislative director to Chairwoman Audrey Edmonson, said he changed his name from the plaintiff listed in the 2017 suit, ...
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Robot umpires are coming to baseball

An electronic radar system called TrackMan will soon be calling balls and strikes in the Atlantic League, an independent East Coast league that has emerged as MLB's testing ground for new rules and equipment initiatives.

Driving the news: The first step in this adventure began last Thursday at parks in Bridgewater, N.J. (Somerset Patriots) and New Britain, Conn. (New Britain Bees).

In a simple test to make sure that TrackMan data could be successfully transmitted and understood, home ...
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California: City of Dublin rejects flying gay pride flag over City Hall

“If you agree to fly the rainbow flag, can we fly the Confederate flag, the Black Lives Matter flag, a Communist flag?,” said one resident.

"At the end of the day, I believe there is another letter that to the end that is being propagated actually at our state capital right now and that is 'p' for pedophile,” said another resident.
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Mississippi: Co-sponsor of the abortion ban arrested for beating his wife for not undressing fast enough for sex

A police report obtained by the Sun Herald in Biloxi said McLeod, 58, was drunk and holding a glass of alcohol when authorities arrived at his home Saturday night.

McLeod's wife said her husband had "just snapped," and often did so when he was drinking, the report said. Deputies found blood in the couple's bed and on the floor. They said McLeod became angered and punched his wife because she took too long to undress when he wanted to have sex.
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Trump denies 'tantrum' in meeting with Pelosi: 'It is all such a lie!'

President Trump took to Twitter Wednesday night to deny Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) characterization of his exit from a meeting with Democratic leadership earlier in the day.

“In a letter to her House colleagues, Nancy Pelosi said: ‘President Trump had a temper tantrum for us all to see.’ This is not true. I was purposely very polite and calm, much as I was minutes later with the press in the Rose Garden. Can be easily proven. It is all such a lie!” Trump tweeted.

Trump ...
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U.S. Charges Banker Stephen Calk Over Request for Trump Job

Chicago banker Stephen Calk was charged by federal prosecutors with bribery for seeking a post in the Trump administration in return for $16 million in loans to a senior official in the Trump 2016 presidential campaign.

That official matches the description of former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who received millions of dollars in loans from Federal Savings Bank of Chicago. Manafort isn’t named in court papers unsealed on Thursday.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team has said ...
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Japanese Man Masters the Gravity-Defying Art of Stacking Coins

Using a variety of denominations, Tanu creates intricate structures that range in shape and size. Often, he’ll first build a strong base using staggered coins. Then, he does the seemingly impossible. Tanu stands the coins upright and places them edge-to-edge without the discs falling or even wobbling. From there, he’ll sometimes stack even more coins (or other objects) on top. It’s a mesmerizing sight, but also one that you’ll want to hold your breath for. The precarious sculptures look ...
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Dog gone: healthy pet put down in Virginia so it can be buried with owner

The unusual death of a woman’s dog in Virginia has sparked outcry and a debate over whether it is ok to kill a healthy pet and bury it with its owner according to their dying wish.

Emma, a shih tzu mix, was euthanised and cremated in March as per its owner’s will. The dog was put down despite the efforts of animal shelter workers who spent two weeks trying to talk the executor of the woman’s estate out of the plan.

Emma was reportedly taken to a vet, put down and then taken to a pet ...
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Michael Avenatti charged with stealing almost $300K from Stormy Daniels

Federal prosecutors filed additional charges against high-profile attorney Michael Avenatti on Wednesday, claiming the frequent White House critic pocketed almost $300,000 from former client Stormy Daniels.

Daniels was owed money from a book deal and Avenatti allegedly used a "fraudulent document purporting to bear his client’s name and signature to convince his client’s literary agent to divert money owed to Avenatti's client to an account controlled by Avenatti," according to a ...
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Harriet Tubman $20 bill no longer coming in 2020: Mnuchin says redesign postponed

The redesign of the $20 bill featuring Harriet Tubman will no longer be unveiled in 2020, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Wednesday.

The unveiling had been timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. Mnuchin said the design process has been delayed and no new imagery will be unveiled until 2028.

“The primary reason we have looked at redesigning the currency is for counterfeiting issues,” Mnuchin said in response ...
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The People Who Published Firewatch Are Now Making A Game Console With, Uh, A Crank

Along with a directional pad and A and B buttons, it sports a rotatable crank that pops out of the right side of the unit. Instead of buying games, Playdate owners will receive a “season” of 12 surprise games delivered over 12 weeks from developers like Katamari Damacy’s Keita Takahashi and Bennett Foddy...Designed by Stockholm-based Teenage Engineering, the Playdate looks like a stylized Pikachu, its crank forming the tail.
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We Broke the Atmosphere; Here's a Way We Can Start to Fix It

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere blew past 415 parts per million last week. The last time levels were this high, two or three million years ago, the oceans rose tens of feet, something likely to happen again as our ice melts over the next thousand years.
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New Chicago mayor to end water shutoffs

Chicago's newly inaugurated mayor, Lori Lightfoot, has pledged that the city will no longer shut off residents' water as punishment for not paying their bills.

The move comes after a nine-month investigation by APM Reports found that the cost of water for an average family of four in Chicago nearly tripled between 2007 and 2018. Chicago was one of six major cities that ring the Great Lakes — the largest sources of surface fresh water in the world — where water rates have spiked, APM ...
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Repair Of Iconic ’60s Era Synthesizer Turns Into Long, Strange Trip For Engineer

For years, an urban legend circulated online and in documentaries, purporting how part of a groundbreaking musical instrument — versions which are stored at a Bay Area university and other institutions — was dipped in a psychedelic drug.

Online chatter detailed how musicians who used the instrument would wet their finger, touch the device, and then lick their finger to get a little bit of mind-expanding inspiration.

Now this supposed myth may turn out to be a reality.
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