Squirrel Girl Creator On The Hero He Always Believed In Finally (Almost) Making It

Will Murray didn’t create very many superheroes during his brief career writing for Marvel Comics. The writer—who left comics years ago to pursue writing fiction and nonfiction—wrote fill-in single-issue stories featuring the likes of The Punisher and Iron Man. And one superhero he did create was, for much of her existence, a throwaway gag who’d be lucky to get referenced in an issue of Deadpool as a joke. So Murray is gratified that his creation—Squirrel Girl, whom he created with ...
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Teenage girl killed herself amid fears she would be branded racist over joke photo she sent friends, inquest hears

A talented teenage gymnast committed suicide after becoming concerned she would be branded "racist" after taking a joke photograph and sharing it with friends, an inquest heard.

Phoebe Connop, 16, uploaded an edited picture of herself where her skin tone had been darkened and she was wearing a scarf wrapped around her head to a private Instagram message, which she shared with friends.
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Don't Get Mad. Join a Union.

Shit is fucked up and bullshit. Economic inequality is high and wages are low and people are mad. Want to do something about it? Don’t vote for Donald Trump. Join a union.

Right around the time the Reagan era began, America began to change. The idea that everyone in our society should benefit from a rising economy fell apart. The productivity of workers kept right on going up, but the wages we pay to workers stopped going up along with it.
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Apple should repay Ireland 13bn euros, European Commission rules

Ireland should recover up to €13bn (£11bn) from Apple in back taxes, the European Commission has ruled.

After a three-year investigation, it has concluded that the US firm's Irish tax benefits are illegal.


"I disagree profoundly with the Commission," said Ireland's finance minister, Michael Noonan, in a statement.
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'I'm a first responder doing my duty': What man, 50, told cops when they arrested him for 'performing sex act on a woman' on Florida boardwalk

A man who was caught performing oral sex on a woman on a Florida boardwalk told officers that he was 'an emergency responder and had to assist the female as it was his duty,' police say.
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“Driller”: The XXX “Thriller” parody that answers the question: “What would Michael Jackson’s werewolf penis look like?”

Driller was no exception. But while the film is largely unsuccessful as parody or pornographic cash-in it does stand as a sporadically entertaining artifact of the early ‘80s pop milieu, one that inevitably leaves the audience interested more in the filmmaking process than the film itself.

Unless, that is, you have a fetish for watching people in cheap monster makeup fuck on a rundown New York soundstage, in which case you’ve just hit the jackpot.
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‘My Life in Orgone Boxes’: William Burroughs on his sexual science experiments in OUI magazine, 1977

In 1977 OUI magazine published an item by William S. Burroughs with the title “My Life in Orgone Boxes,” in which he explained that he built his first orgone accumulator in 1949 on the farm of a friend named Kells Elvins in Texas. Among other things, in the article Burroughs addresses Jack Kerouac’s fictionalized version of Burroughs’ device as presented in On the Road but insisted that the account was “pure fiction.”
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Millennials' hatred of 'dealing with people' is a major threat to fast-food workers

Many millennials hate interacting with people, according to a new survey.

Nearly a third of people 18 to 24 prefer ordering from the drive-thru at restaurants because "they don't feel like dealing with people," according to a study by Ohio-based Frisch's Restaurants, which owns and franchises 120 Big Boy Restaurants.
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‘It Was Like Someone Turned the Faucet Off’: Lisa Cooley on Closing Her Gallery

Another force galleries are contending with is coming from the digital world. With the rise of digital venues like Instagram, Cooley began to feel that her gallery was becoming overtaxed—having to focus not just on what was going on in the physical space, but what was going on online. “This is how digital distribution is affecting the art market,” she said. “Thirty minutes several times a day to go through all these images. You get desensitized. It’s exhausting.” What started to get ...
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Drunken bucking bronco gran jailed for biting Orangemen's legs at Ayrshire village fun day

A GRAN bit two Orangemen on the legs during a row after barging her way to the front of a queue for a bucking bronco ride.

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White man runs red light, causes accident, shoots and kills black woman with her hands up

As Deborah Pearl got out of her car to assess the situation, Matthew Desha did as well. Except he also grabbed his 5.56-millimeter high powered assault rifle. According to witnesses, Pearl then proceeded to put her hands in the air in attempt to save her life from the armed stranger who had narrowly avoided killing them both in the crash just seconds earlier.

It mattered not to Matthew Desha.
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Clowns in woods try to lure children with money, residents say

A woman told the deputy that her son told her that he saw several clowns in the woods “whispering and making strange noises.” She said she went with her son to the area where he said he had seen the clowns, and her son told her that he saw several clowns in the woods who were flashing green laser lights before they ran away. The woman’s older son told the deputy that he heard chains and banging on the front door of their home on the night of Aug. 20.

Donna Arnold says her son told her ...
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A History of the Fan Mutation, YouTube’s Strangest Art Movement

For lack of an existing name to adequately describe this movement, this article will use the term “fan mutation” (similar to the term animutation, used to describe an 2001 online series of video remixes and re-appropriations by animator Neil Cicierega).

We’ll look into the history of this burgeoning genre. Its tropes and peculiarities. We’ll try to get a sense of its cultural significance.
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Facebook fires human editors, algorithm immediately posts fake news

Earlier this year, Facebook denied criticisms that its Trending feature was surfacing news stories that were biased against conservatives. But in an abrupt reversal, the company fired all the human editors for Trending on Friday afternoon, replacing them with an algorithm that promotes stories based entirely on what Facebook users are talking about. Within 72 hours, according to the Washington Post, the top story on Trending was about how Fox News icon Megyn Kelly was a pro-Clinton "traitor" ...
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McDonald's is embroiled in a social-media nightmare after a sexual video featuring McChicken goes viral

A very graphic video of a man engaging in a sexual act with a McChicken sandwich went viral over the weekend. The video, and people's responses to it, helped propel #McChicken to the position of a top trending topic on Twitter and Facebook on Sunday evening and into Monday.
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Gene Wilder, ‘Willy Wonka’ Star and Comedic Icon, Dies at 83

Gene Wilder, who regularly stole the show in such comedic gems as “The Producers,” “Blazing Saddles,” “Young Frankenstein,” “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and “Stir Crazy,” died Monday at his home in Stamford, Conn. His nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman said he died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease. He was 83.
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Sandy Hook truther charged with plotting mass shooting to protect 2nd Amendment from ‘f*ggots’

A Las Vegas conspiracy theorist has been taken into custody and charged with making terrorist threats after posting a disturbing YouTube video threatening to slaughter “gays, faggots, lesbians and satanists,” reports KTNV.

Bryce Cuellar, 24, was arrested by Las Vegas police after they were notified by Interpol in July about Cuellar’s video. In the video, Cuellar stated that he is tired of the government trying to take away his First and Second Amendment rights and planned to go on a ...
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1930s 'Killed' photographs

The photos look just like the most famous FSA images of Depression-era America. Laborers with weathered faces stare into the distance, sharecropping families stand on splintered porches and rag-clad children play in the dust.
But each picture is haunted by a strange black void. It hangs in the sky like an inverted sun, it eclipses a child’s face, it hovers menacingly in the corner of a room.
The black hole is the handiwork of Roy Stryker, the director of the FSA’s documentary photography ...
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Before Breitbart, before Trump, Bannon bullied people in Biosphere 2

Stephen K. Bannon, who recently took a leave from running Breitbart.com to become Donald Trump’s chief campaign executive, once bullied women in the historic environmental research project known as Biosphere 2.

He called a female science researcher who wrote a report about safety concerns a “deluded” “bimbo,” and threatened to “ram it down her (expletive) throat.” He also threatened to “kick her ass.”

An item in today's Fort Worth Star-Telegram details how Bannon, then an ...
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'Constitutional County' Project Moves Forward In Arizona, As Candidate Hopes To Create 'Barrier' Against Federal Government

Back in 2014, we reported that Richard Mack, a former sheriff from Arizona who now heads the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), had signed on to a plan to move to Navajo County, Arizona, to run for office and create what he called a “constitutional county.” He urged supporters to consider moving to the county as well to support him as sheriff in 2016 and begin to establish a “blueprint” county that would operate according to his vision of county-level ...
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