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Bo News - Rules !!!

Bo News - Rules !!!

January 29, 2017 10:50PM
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Bo News now requires an account to read the forums. Registration is open, but we reserve the right to decline any requests!

All posters should be aware of our rules:


1. No posting, or threatening to post, any personal information that can be used to identify a user of the site. This includes, but is not limited to, real names, addresses, pictures, etc.

2. No posting NSFW (not safe for work) material outside of the NSFW forum. Any links to NSFW material must be labeled as NSFW. When in the NSFW forum, obey the NSFW forum rules. The NSFW forum is opt-in, post here for access.

3. No spamming/flooding.

4. Anonymizing proxies (e.g. Tor) have many valid uses. (Valid reasons include privacy concerns, work-related issues, circumventing your country's content filters, etc.) However, please note that using a proxy and violating the rules may increase the likelihood of an outright ban.

5. No use of multiple accounts if one of your accounts is jailed or banned.

The admins reserve the right to update the rules as needed.


If a poster is nominated for a ban, there will be a period of community discussion followed by an admin vote. If the poster is causing an immediate threat (e.g. flooding porn nonstop) the admins reserve the right to immediately ban the poster, with discussion occurring after the fact.


Violations of the rules or otherwise disruptive behavior may result in the poster being jailed. The poster will be released when they demonstrate a good will effort to modify their behavior.
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Bo News - Rules !!!

Xiphias January 29, 2017 10:50PM

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