Oops! Most Stealing No Longer A Felony In Missouri Because Of Sloppy Wording

Ellen H. Flottman, who is the district defender of the Central Appellate Office of Missouri State Public Defender System, told TPM that the opinion was “very broad” and applies not just to firearm charges involved in the case, but to an assortment of stealing crimes previously treated as felonies in the same subparagraph of criminal code.

“Those are going to be misdemeanors as well,” she said.
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Ending the Barbarity

In the days since the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) announcement that it would “end the use of private prisons,” as the Washington Post put it, activists have reacted with warranted enthusiasm. Few corporations so ably combine American capitalism’s most grotesque features like for-profit prison companies, so any news of their potential downfall is good news.

Yet like anything the DOJ announces, a closer look, with a skeptical eye, is probably in order.
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Mystery graffiti with grim message appears on abandoned SoBe tower

The property owner, developer Russell Galbut, had the message painted over within hours. He later told the Miami Herald he was upset with his security guards, who clearly missed the culprit.

“It was written neatly,” Galbut said. “He must have taken his time. He must’ve been up there for five hours. I don’t know how he got up there.”

Regarding the message itself, the developer laughed and said it was correct in pointing out that sea-level rise is a serious issue that needs to be ...
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Rush Limbaugh: Obama Sending Lesbian Farmers to Invade Red States

Conservative radio pundit Rush Limbaugh railed against what he described as an Obama administration plot to pay lesbians to become farmers and invade conservative rural strongholds.
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A 'radical alternative': how one man changed the perception of Los Angeles

“Now I know subjective opinions can vary,” the journalist Adam Raphael wrote in the Guardian in 1968, “but personally I reckon LA as the noisiest, the smelliest, the most uncomfortable and most uncivilised major city in the United States. In short, a stinking sewer ...”

Three years later, Raphael’s words appeared in print again as an epigraph of Reyner Banham’s Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies – the most exuberantly pro-Los Angeles book ever written. Ever since ...
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BART to mist bacteria-eating enzyme into elevators to fight urine smell

BART is trying to reverse the unavoidable truth that station elevators are effectively public toilets. The agency is trying out a new trick to fight the constant stench of urine that assaults riders as soon as they step into most elevators throughout the system.

At Civic Center station the transportation agency is prototyping a "self flush and sanitizing system," which means they will release a bacteria-eating enzyme misting system in the elevator shaft. The misting will occur once an hour and ...
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Knoxville Hater Pushes Nationwide Ban on Birdcloud

Birdcloud, the unabashedly raunchy, pointedly provocative country duo of Jasmin Kaset and Makenzie Green, have plenty of fans in Knoxville. On Aug. 20, they played to a packed house at The Pilot Light, a venerable small club in the Old City district, and they report making some $500 at the merch table.

But not everyone in Knoxville seems to appreciate the Birdcloud ethos. Offended by lyrics he perceives as racist, one Marble City musician-turned-hall-monitor has launched a smear campaign ...
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The Pearl of Allah

My companions and I were in a little fishing village in the outer reaches of the Philippine Islands when news reached us of the discovery of a giant pearl, which today is the largest specimen in the world.

We had pitched camp on the seventh day of May, 1934, and that night after supper we stretched out on our cots in anticipation of a good night’s rest. I was practically asleep when suddenly pandemonium broke loose in the primitive huts of the Dyak tribe in whose fishing territory we had ...
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Woman Killed By Pokémon Go Driver

Last night at around 7:25pm in the Japanese city Tokushima, two women were hit while crossing the street, fatally injuring one of them. The driver, 39 year-old Keiji Goh, admitted he wasn’t watching the road ahead, because he was playing Pokémon Go.

According to ANN, one of the women, 72 year-old Sachiko Nakanishi, was transported to the hospital, where she later died. The other woman, 60 year-old Kayoko Igawa, suffered serious injuries from the accident.
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The Sun’s Closest Neighbor Has Its Own Earth-Sized World

The closest star to our Sun hosts an Earth-sized planet within its habitable zone, according to exciting research published Thursday in Nature. Dubbed Proxima b, the newly discovered world is about 1.3 times the size of Earth, and orbits the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri, located only 4.2 light years away from our own solar system.

Given its dimensions and distance from its star, Proxima b could theoretically support liquid water on its surface, and perhaps even life. Of course, many ...
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'I Kissed Dating Goodbye' author is maybe kind of sorry.

Published at the height of the 1990s purity movement, which emphasized the spiritual, physical, and psychological importance of abstinence before marriage, I Kissed Dating Goodbye became a phenomenon in conservative Christian circles. It inspired both praise—from the likes of purity matriarch Elisabeth Elliot and Focus on the Family—and book-length rebuttals. Harris was already a popular speaker at conferences for Christian home-schoolers and had started his own magazine, but the book’s ...
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How Congress, the FDA, and Sarah Jessica Parker Helped EpiPen Become a $1 Billion Business

But Mylan wanted more, and a series of savvy maneuvers allowed them to get it. From FDA policy changes that expanded the number of consumers to which the product could be marketed, to legislation signed in 2013 that put EpiPens in schools across the country, the federal government has helped Mylan stack the deck for its product. Oh, and Sarah Jessica Parker helped too.
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Melania Trump, represented by Peter Thiel's lead revenge attorney, taking legal action against Daily Mail for defamation

"Mrs. Trump has placed several news organizations on notice of her legal claims against them, including Daily Mail among others, for making false and defamatory statements about her supposedly having been an “escort” in the 1990s," Harder said in an email. "All such statements are 100% false, highly damaging to her reputation, and personally hurtful. She understands that news media have certain leeway in a presidential campaign, but outright lying about her in this way exceeds all bounds of ...
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A Hot Month for Clinton’s Body Count

The media cared about the sheer number of cases when 57 women said Bill Cosby raped them. If we brought the Hillary kill list down to 57, you’d be dealing with only the really, really spooky ones. Like the one last month where a DNC staffer, who may very well have supplied Julian Assange with the classified emails that brought massive embarrassment to the party, was shot in the back of the head in the middle of the night.

[by Gavin McInnes]
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Why the Joker in The Dark Knight Was the Ultimate Villain

The entire movie is a product of post 911 America in the same way “The Conversation” is a product of post-Watergate America. I think it will be thought of that way in the future.
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French police make woman remove clothing on Nice beach following burkini ban

Photographs have emerged of armed French police confronting a woman on a beach and making her remove some of her clothing as part of a controversial ban on the burkini.

Authorities in several French towns have implemented bans on the Burkini, which covers the body and head, citing concerns about religious clothing in the wake of recent terrorist killings in the country.

The images of police confronting the woman in Nice on Tuesday show at least four police officers standing over a woman who ...
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Gawker Ex-Editor A.J. Daulerio: The Worldwide Leader in Sextapes

Perhaps Daulerio's darkest moment came last spring, when he posted a video of an obviously drunk college girl having sex in a bathroom stall at a sports bar in Bloomington, Indiana. At the time, he was thinking of it as part of a series on fans having sex in bathrooms. (In the fall of 2009, he'd posted a clip of a couple getting it on in a stall at the new Cowboys Stadium.) On May 11, a few days after the video went up, Daulerio received an e-mail from a woman imploring him to take it down. "I ...
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UT-Austin Students Snatch Up Free Dildos for Gun Protest

Students, alumni and spectators eagerly snatched up more than 4,500 donated dildos Tuesday evening at the University of Texas at Austin, preparing to assuage their frustration over a new state law allowing handguns to be carried on public university campuses.
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Bill Gates' net worth hits $90B, proving Thomas Piketty's point

But the reality is that Bettencourt saw her fortune grow by just as much as Entrepreneur Gates, over the same period, despite the fact that she contributed absolutely nothing to the world's prosperity in that time. What's more, Investor Gates's fortune grew to eclipse that of Entrepreneur Gates, despite the fact that all that growth was made by moving money around, rather than making things that made the world better.
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Leaked Docs: Soros Aims to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million Voters by 2018: A Plan to Increase Democracy Portrayed as an Evil Plot

A top priority of liberal billionaire George Soros is to enlarge the U.S. electorate by 10 million voters by 2018, according to leaked documents.

The plan to grow the electorate by millions of voters was discussed during a May 2014 board meeting of the Open Society Foundations, a liberal grant-making group founded by Soros. A 220-page guide detailing the plan was among more than 2,500 hacked Soros documents released by DC Leaks, which publishes documents from influential officials around the ...
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