Congress Now Blaming Obama For Its Embarrassing Override Of His Veto

On Wednesday, Congress was so determined to pass a law to sue Saudi Arabia that it overrode President Barack Obama’s veto. But possible backlash against America had top Republican leaders looking for someone else to blame Thursday.

And they appear to have settled on Obama.

The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act allows victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue the kingdom for its alleged, but unproven, support of the hijackers who flew planes into the World Trade Center and the ...
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ETSU student in gorilla mask handing out bananas during Black Lives Matter event charged

OHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – A peaceful protest on East Tennessee State University’s campus Wednesday afternoon was disrupted when a man wearing a gorilla mask showed up and started handing out bananas to students holding Black Lives Matter signs.

According to ETSU spokesman Joe Smith, students were on campus holding a peaceful demonstration when the man approached them and started handing out bananas.
Rettke was charged with civil rights intimidation after discussion by public safety ...
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Doctor suspended for allegedly making vaccines with cat saliva, vodka

Illinois regulators have suspended the license of a suburban Chicago doctor who allegedly gives patients modified vaccinations containing cat saliva and vodka.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation on Wednesday ordered the emergency action in the interest of public safety.

The order says Dr. Ming Te Lin told investigators he’s been preparing alternative vaccinations for children at his office in Flossmoor for more than a decade.
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A principled option for U.S. president: Endorsing Gary Johnson, Libertarian

s Nov. 8 looms, a dismayed, disconsolate America waits and wonders: What is it about 2016?

How has our country fallen so inescapably into political and policy gridlock? How did pandering to aggrieved niche groups and seducing blocs of angry voters replace working toward solutions as the coin of our governing class? How could the Democratic and Republican parties stagger so far from this nation's political mainstream?
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Atlanta lawyer fatally shot his wife accidentally, family says

A top Atlanta lawyer accidentally fired the shot that killed his marketing executive wife when their car hit a bump in the road, according to the family.
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The Obscure, Legal Drug That Fuels John McAfee

Around the same time, the former teetotaler started posting to a website for recreational drug users called Bluelight in which he described his experiments with various types of bath salts. “I think it’s the finest drug ever conceived,” he wrote of one, singling out “the indescribable hypersexuality” of the “super perv powder,” but warning that “I had visual and auditory hallucinations and the worst paranoia of my life.”
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Hillary Appears To Have Had Teleprompter In Podium At The Presidential Debate

Two videos show what appears to be some type of electronic device being operated by Hillary Clinton during the debate. In the first video you will see what appears to be a teleprompter on Hillary’s podium that turns off right as the debate ends. It goes from a bright light to black right when the debate ends and Trump’s podium had no such light or change.

In the second video it shows Hillary Clinton moving her hand in a way that would resemble a track pad. It appears she could have been ...
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Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore suspended for rest of term

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has been suspended from the bench for telling probate judges to defy federal orders regarding gay marriage.

The Alabama Court of the Judiciary (COJ) issued the order Friday suspending Moore from the bench for the remainder of his term.

"For these violations, Chief Justice Moore is hereby suspended from office without pay for the remainder of his term. This suspension is effective immediately," the order stated.
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Sheriff jailed: Judge revokes bond, says she will reconsider if Arnold resigns

Sheriff Robert Arnold will be locked up or agree to resign while he awaits his Feb. 7 JailCigs jury trial after domestic assault accusations of his wife, a judge ruled Wednesday morning.

"I find sufficient probable cause that Robert Arnold committed (domestic assault against his wife)," U.S. Magistrate Judge Alistair Newbern ruled Wednesday morning.

She also ordered that Arnold be escorted out of her courtroom by a U.S. marshal, who placed handcuffs on the sheriff's wrists, which were held ...
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The writer, the accident, and a lonely end

Deputy Sheriff Everett Smith pushed open the door of his brother's trailer home in a heavily wooded area on the outskirts of Fryeburg, Maine, last Friday. Bryan Smith, a 43-year-old former construction worker, appeared to be asleep in bed. He was dead. There was no sign of trauma or indication that he had died in pain. The empty bottles of painkillers found nearby were the only indication of probable cause.

'There he was, on his back in bed, covered up,' said Sheriff James Miclon. 'He was just ...
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Who's Behind Newsweek

Two days after Barack Obama won reelection, I met a young Chinese woman, whom I will call Anne, in the basement café at the San Francisco Public Library. Anne worked part time and gave a large portion of her earnings to a group she called "the Community," a Christian sect led by a charismatic Korean pastor named David Jang. After joining the group in her late teens, Anne had spent more than seven years working in its ministries—organizations and businesses run by Jang's disciples. With short ...
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Italian police find stolen Van Goghs 14 years after infamous Amsterdam heist

Two Vincent van Gogh paintings that were stolen from a museum in Amsterdam more than a decade ago have been recovered by Italian authorities in Naples following a sting operation that targeted organised crime.

The paintings, View of the Sea at Scheveningen, painted in 1882, and Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen, painted in 1884, were recently discovered after allegedly being hidden away in one of the houses of an international drug trafficker based in Castellammare di Stabia, ...
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'He’s a family man with a job' - Local who repeatedly defecated outside shop caught

A man who defecated twice outside a Finglas shop in the dead of the night has been caught by the owner as he was about to repeat the act a third time.

The phantom appeared outside the Clever Buys shop on Clune Road on September 15 and 21 and was caught on CCTV pulling down his trousers and going to the toilet on the pavement before getting back into his car and driving away.
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No jail for Hong Kong woman who assaulted policeman with breast

The woman who made international headlines last year for using her breast to assault a policeman was spared jail by a Hong Kong court on Monday.

Ng Lai-ying, 30, was originally jailed three months and 15 days, but was instead ordered to serve 200 hours of community service after successfully appealing against her sentence for assaulting Chief Inspector Chan Ka-po last month.
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Rodrigo Duterte 'happy to slaughter' addicts as Hitler did Jews

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has compared his anti-drug campaign to the Holocaust, saying he would kill as many addicts as Hitler did Jews.

"Hitler massacred three million Jews... there's three million drug addicts. I'd be happy to slaughter them," he said.
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Mugging victim offers to give £10 to debt-stricken woman who helped him

Mugging victim Alan Barnes has said he would contribute about £10 towards paying off the debts of a woman who helped raise more than £330,000 for him.

Barnes, 68, who is disabled and 4ft 6in, was attacked outside his home in Gateshead in January 2015, breaking his collarbone.

Following the assault, Katie Cutler, a beautician, set up an online fundraising page, which attracted donations from across the world. The eventual sum raised enabled Barnes to buy a new house.

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Student officially changes his personal pronoun to ‘His Majesty’ on campus roster

“I have no problem with students asking to be identified a certain way, almost like someone named Richard who would like to be called Dick. It is respectful to make a reasonable effort to refer to students in the way that they prefer.”

However, he added that he does have a problem when the university institutionalizes the use of pronouns that are completely arbitrary and may possibly sanction people for referring to someone different than their preference.

Strobl continued, “So, I ...
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Josh Peter Polices Colin Kaepernick's Political Views

Kaepernick must heed a voice of reason, and he has one in Harry Edwards, the civil rights activist who works with the 49ers and helped convince Kaepernick to stop wearing the socks with cartoon pigs dressed as policemen.

“Freedom of speech and the processes of democratic elections are awesome blessings of freedom — and burdens of responsibility,’’ Edwards said told USA TODAY Sports by text message. “Words matter!’’
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Lee Daniels Planning a Musical About His Life

"My publicist will kill me, but I’m in talks about doing a musical about my life," he tells Billboard. "I’ve had a pretty interesting life. I’ve come from the projects. I’ve been homeless. It’ll have original music and sort of be like Fellini’s 8 1/2 or All That Jazz."
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Why 'Batman' Is Tim Burton's Career-Defining Movie

Tim Burton, a man who is known as one of Hollywood’s most original filmmakers has made almost no outright original films. The vast majority of Tim Burton’s films, be they good or bad, are adaptations in one form or another. Over the course of 31 years, Beetlejuice is the exception rather than the rule.
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