An alternate history of sexuality in club culture

Dance music was born in LGBT communities, but has this been forgotten? In this extended feature, Luis-Manuel Garcia examines the history of club culture's queer roots.
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Sandy Hook Promise releases chilling PSA on gun violence prevention

The onset of this PSA from Sandy Hook Promise, an organization created in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, begins innocently enough. The video follows a boy, Evan (the same name as the video), exchanging messages on a desk in the school library with an unknown classmate.

The flirtatious messages are sent back and forth until the end of the school year, leaving a dissuaded Evan without a chance to learn the identity of his secret crush. ...
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Matteo Renzi's referendum defeat risks Italy political crisis

Mr Renzi announced he was stepping down after his constitution reform plan was rejected by voters.
He met President Sergio Mattarella and will offer him his resignation later. Mr Mattarella must decide whether to appoint a new PM or hold elections.
There are concerns the instability may trigger a deeper crisis for Italy's already vulnerable banking sector.
A consortium organising a possible bailout for one leading bank, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, is meeting on Monday to consider whether ...
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Dumb piece of garbage to go on to new and worse things

Gov. Pat McCrory announced Monday that he’s conceded the election to Democrat Roy Cooper, the state’s attorney general, and will support transition efforts.

McCrory made the concession in a video message posted around noon Monday as a recount he requested in Durham County entered its final hours. Durham officials plan to finish the recount later Monday, but early results from the recount showed virtually no change in the vote tally there.
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Donald Trump appoints Ben Carson to his cabinet despite comparing him to a child molester

Donald Trump has appointed Dr Ben Carson to a senior position in his cabinet, despite having previously compared him to a child molester and accused him of having a "pathological disease".

Dr Carson will assume the position of secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the president-elect’s transition team confirmed.

The 65-year-old former neurosurgeon has never held elected office and has no previous experience in the field of urban development.
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Kiev pensioner turns scruffy stairwell into a gilded palace

From the outside, number 11A is a drab block of flats like any other in Troyeshina, a scruffy Kiev suburb of identikit Soviet-era housing. The entrance door is daubed with graffiti, the ground floor hallway dingy and depressing.

But exit the lift between floors six and eight, however, and the contrast with the grey, snowy winter outside could not be greater. The stairwell has been plastered, gilded and ornamented so it resembles a Tsarist palace more than a Khrushchev-era block of flats. Set ...
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I Was a Teenage Nazi Wannabe

The alt-right is a loser's poor fantasy of what a radical revolution looks like. I should know.
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British perfidy in Greece: a story worth remembering

This was the day, those seventy years ago this Tuesday, when the British Army, still at war with Germany, opened fire upon – and armed Greek collaborators with the Nazis to fire upon – a civilian crowd demonstrating in support of the partisans with whom Britain had been allied for three years. The crowd carried Greek, American, British and Soviet flags, and chanted: 'Viva Churchill, Viva Roosevelt, Viva Stalin', in endorsement of the wartime alliance.

Twenty-eight civilians, mostly young ...
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Chess grandmaster, 20, dies in parkour balcony fall

A Russian chess grandmaster has died after plummeting from the 12th floor of a Moscow apartment block.
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Man With Gun Arrested at Comet Ping Pong

The Pizzagate saga hits its climax
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Austria far-right candidate Norbert Hofer defeated in presidential poll

Far-right candidate Norbert Hofer has lost Austria's presidential election.
On Facebook, he described himself as "infinitely sad" and congratulated Alexander Van der Bellen, former head of the Greens, on his victory.
Although the post is ceremonial in Austria, the poll had been seen as a sign of how well populist candidates might do elsewhere in Europe.
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Christmas float catches fire after 'Grinch' flicks cigarette

A "Whoville" themed Christmas parade float went up in flames after somebody flicked a cigarette onto a flammable part of it.
"It landed in the straw on our float and burned it to the ground," float owner Jeananne Jackson told CNN affiliate WHNT on Thursday.
The float didn't even make it to the Huntsville, Alabama, parade.
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Four Million Commutes Reveal New U.S. 'Megaregions'

An ever increasing share of the world’s population is living in what are known as megaregions—clusters of interconnected cities. The concept of the megaregion is decades old and fairly easy to grasp, but geographically defining them has turned out to be rather tricky.

Now, researchers have attempted to map the megaregions of the contiguous United States by studying the commutes of American workers.
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Oakland's Ghost Ship fire is nightmare scenario for promoters, governments and music lovers

But as the fallout becomes clearer, it’s important to recognize that these kinds of parties, held in unpermitted or semi-legal art and industrial spaces, happen in Los Angeles and every major city in the country. Whatever later recriminations come regarding the particular safety hazards at this one venue, it’s now impossible for anyone who goes to these shows to think that it can’t happen anywhere, at any time.

This tragedy will have to be a moment of reckoning for the music community ...
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No, ‘Last Tango in Paris’ Director Did Not Say Marlon Brando Committed Rape

The 1972 film “Last Tango in Paris” was pilloried across the internet this weekend over the belief that director Bernardo Bertolucci had admitted that a rape scene between stars Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider was an actual rape.

But in an interview a decade ago, Schneider herself said that no sex of any kind took place during the scene, in which then-48-year-old Brando’s character uses butter to have anal sex with the 19-year-old Schneider. In fact, she said she felt “a little bit ...
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Trump’s Taiwan Play: The phone call with the island’s president looks like a calculated move.

Americans had to get used to Donald Trump breaking all the rules of presidential campaigning, and it looks like the world will have to adjust to a President Trump who will also violate diplomatic convention. One early lesson is not to overreact to every break with State Department protocol as if it’s the start of World War III.

The U.S. media had their 19th nervous breakdown Friday after the Trump transition said the President-elect had taken a congratulatory call from Taiwan President Tsai ...
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Asian-American seniors riding casino buses not to gamble, but to make ends meet

Large groups of Asian American seniors take the bus to the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, each day. As soon as they get off the bus, the casino gives them a $45 credit. They then sell them for $38. That bus ride costs $20. So at the end of the day, they make $18.The buses are almost always filled to capacity, too. On each bus, more than half of the passengers are selling their tickets -- just for a little cash to help them make ends meet. That means on any given day there are upwards ...
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Drinking (A Little) At Work Could Actually Make You Better At Your Job

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago found that a certain level of inebriation can help get the creative juices flowing. In the study, participants whose blood alcohol level (BAC) was slightly under .08 percent performed better in a creative task than did their sober counterparts. (going in Horseshit cuz clearly sponsered content for a specific product that wants you to drink at work. great job huffpo)
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Oakland: At least 9 dead, 25 missing after massive fire at live-work space party

In what may be the deadliest structure fire in Oakland’s history, at least nine people died in a blaze that broke out late Friday at an electronic music party at a Fruitvale district live-work space, officials said.

The fire tore through the two-story building in the 1300 block of 31st Avenue at about 11:30 p.m. Friday during an event featuring musician Golden Donna’s 100% Silk West Coast tour.


When crews first entered to fight the fire, they were impeded by clutter, including ...
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Conspiracy King Alex Jones Might Have a Side Career as an Acid House Musician

At the opening of the video, there is an extremely brief shot of a large mixer, a Roland TR-808 drum machine, and what looks like a trio of TB-303 bass line synthesizers, the key pieces of gear in the acid-house sound. Watch the video below, followed by blurry screenshots of the 808 and 303s.
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